The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

Even though The Real Housewives of New Jersey isn’t currently airing, the drama never sleeps in New Jersey. Teresa Giudice’s upcoming wedding to her fiance Luis Ruelas has caused scandal after scandal — including friendship woes between Teresa and her former Housewives bestie Dina Cantin. There are also demotion rumors revolving around Housewife Jackie Goldschneider.

With so much happening in the Garden State, Bravo fans are quick with creating memes to go with every scandal. From Melissa’s TikTok dances to Teresa’s issues with every Housewife she works with — there are countless memes for every occasion.

Are The Moms Of New Jersey Trying Too Hard?

The Instagram account @FaceReality16 shared a meme after seeing one too many TikTok dances from some of the Jersey moms. As seen in the first season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, Melissa, Teresa, and other Housewives tried doing a trending TikTok dance but failed miserably.

Although Melissa had some great looks on RHUGT, fans knew that her daughter was probably questioning her attempts at youth by trying out trending TikTok dances.

Justice For Frank The Tank!

Frank Catania Senior is Delores Catania’s ex-husband and best friend. Although they’re no longer married, they’re best friends and they have fun raising their children together. Because Delores’s boyfriend at the time didn’t travel with the group, Frank joined her on many trips. His one-liners and sense of humor make him one of the top husbands on RHONJ.

On one vacation, Frank got stuck in a child’s room and instead of moving all the toys off the bed, he slept with them. As muscular and stereotypically manly as Frank can be, he’s not afraid to show his sensitive side — and this meem from @The_Bravo_Chicks proves that.

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Whatever Happened To Traci?

In season 12, a new friend of the group was added, Traci Johnson. Traci was friends with Melissa and went to a few events that the women went to. But as presumed, RHONJ’s roster was so complete that it didn’t need a friend of the series. While there were many friends who deserved a spot on the main roster, Traci wasn’t one of them.

Because of Teresa’s disdain for Traci, Traci slowly stopped showing up on cast trips or dinners. By the end of the season, fans forgot she was even a part of the series. This was especially true when Traci didn’t have an aired segment on the reunion. The @HousewifeOnHudson wasn’t wrong when they added Traci’s face to a meme for the movie Gone Girl. 

Beware, Teresa

Fans were excited to see what single life looked like for Teresa when she divorced Joe Giudice. As a new single mom to four daughters, Teresa put all her attention on parenting and making money, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t interested in finding love.

Teresa found Louis quicker than expected and the two fell in love and are planning on getting married this summer (2022). However, his secrets became public knowledge after dating Teresa, and fans can’t help but poke fun at all of his red flags, just like this meme from @FaceReality16. Marrying Louis so quickly after divorce is one of Teresa’s more shocking decisions, according to fans.

Somebody Stop Her!

It’s an unpopular opinion to praise Teresa for every decision she makes while on TV. As one of the longest-running Housewives, Teresa gets away with more things than other Housewives would. This confidence, however, is not very becoming and it lands her in quite a bit of trouble with viewers and friends.

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At the season 12 reunion, Teresa refused to accept Margaret’s apology to her and Louis and spouted nonsense that made her appear petty. Louis whispered in her ear to let her know she was embarrassing herself but she refused to listen. @CurrentEpisode was not wrong in saying it was hard to support her after this.

Did Danny Take Jennifer’s Ferrari?

Back when former Housewife Danielle Staub was on the show, one of her friends included a man named Danny, who was a member of the gang Hell’s Angels. Danielle felt safer with Danny by her side but their friendship never felt right to viewers.

Fast forward to recent drama, current Housewife Jennifer Aiden’s Ferrari was stolen from her garage this summer. The family released footage from their home camera to catch the suspect, and this meme by @Blocked_By_Jax makes fun of the possibility that the thief was Danny.

The Parallels Are Uncanny

@Bravo_0bsessed pointed out the parallels between these two scenes from RHONJ’s season 12 reunion and The Real Housewives of New York’s Kelly Bensimon. In New York, Kelly spoke down to former Housewife Bethenny Frankel and claimed she was a bigger and better person than Bethenny Wise.

Likewise, Teresa implied the same thing when she referenced her seating position at the season 12 reunion. In both instances, Teresa and Kelly were in the wrong and looked bad for speaking so negatively of their costars. Teresa has been in some big fights before but the season 12 reunion was one of her biggest.

She’s Looking At You, Melissa

When Delores put together a charity baseball game, she created personalized baseball jerseys for everyone and asked the women to wear athletic wear. Fans supported Delores’ dedication to charity.

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Oddly, when Teresa showed up she asked the women to wear the leggings that she was now promoting. Some women were interested but most were not — including Margaret Josephs. While saying she couldn’t believe Teresa was trying to promote her own business at a charity event, the cameras panned to Melissa who was also dressed head to toe in her own clothing line. @Blocked_By_Jax crafted the perfect meme for the scene.

Andy Lost His Cool At The Reunion

By the end of the three-part reunion for season 12, host and Bravolebrity, Andy Cohen, lost his cool. The women were speaking over him and refused to stop arguing no matter how many times Andy tried changing the subject.

This meme by @OhNoChels is the perfect descriptor for how Andy felt at that reunion. Asking such powerful women questions is not as easy as it sometimes looks…

The Producers Did These Housewives Dirty


@FancyPantsByBravo shared this hilarious meme that pointed out the shade that the producers threw toward the women of Jersey. Instead of spelling espresso correctly, they spelled it the way the women of Jersey pronounced it.

Funny enough, the more iconic lines on RHONJ are those that are mispronounced or misunderstood. However, the Housewives and their partners never care about the shade they receive from living their life. They keep the hilarious moments coming season after season.

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