The Ghostbusters Learned Slimer’s Name in a Hilarious Way

Although the delicious green ghost Slimer has been synonymous with Ghostbusters for years, it wasn’t until they met real ghost catchers They know his name. The Ghost, known for making Peter Venkman look skinny, has become a lot more popular since the popular cartoon made him their mascot. ghost catcher comic. Although it was not Peter who discovered the ghost’s name, the reaction was still hilarious.

The hideous mess loves to terrorize the guests of the Sedgwick Hotel and the buffet is the first official instance of Ghostbusters. Although he escaped with the other ghosts after the initial explosion of the containment unit, real ghost catchers The episode “Citizen Ghost” tries to explain why he stayed with paranormal investigators. After the Ghostbusters rebuilt the firehouse and resumed their business, the ghosts continued to appear, appearing more friendly and non-threatening than before. It was Ray who named the ghost Slimer, a slanderer of Peter who maintained a friendly competitive relationship with the unorthodox. IDW ghost catcher, sticking to the film’s timeline, keeping the image of Slimer, a cold and evil entity with an unending hunger. The ghost continued to escape from captivity, was recaptured and placed in a paranormal research tank, where he would be observed and tested.

Although this nickname was occasionally used by Ghostbusters, until reality! A cross between Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening. in a deviant story real ghost catchers In the episode “Janine Melnitz, Ghostbusters”, the animated Ghostbusters return to the firehouse after fighting the god Proteus. After noticing that the details of their headquarters were different from what they remembered, they accidentally freed the primordial slime they had subdued and trapped in. After the two versions of Ghostbusters met, the original Ghostbusters used their experience in the multiverse to help their animated companion return home. After comparing notes and occasionally calling for help, the Ghostbusters use their Space Portal to travel to the real Ghostbusters universe. While at their Firehouse, Ray initially commented on the high PKE and unusual smells, while the RGB Egon’s comment was attributed to Slimer. He explains that this is the name Sedgewick has given the soul, much to Egon’s surprise at first.

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Slimer was originally known as “The Green Ghost” or “The Onion”, the latter referring to a deleted scene in which a terrified couple is overwhelmed by his presence and pungent smell. The ghost has even been dubbed the ghost of John Belushi, a reference to Dan Aykroyd’s old friend, Saturday Night Live collaborator, and co-star who played Bruto Brutalski in the film. Messy eating habits Lampoon’s National Animal House. this real ghost catchers Not only is Ghost’s name established, but his appearances and antics on the show have made him a fan favorite, and he’s even earned himself a headshot. in show, soft drinks and other Ghostbusters items. Interestingly, while his name is meant to annoy Peter Venkman, the one who was most surprised by it was Egon, whom he named and adopted as a pet for his other-dimensional partner and group of Ghostbusters. his. Curious about the decision made when ghosting.

While Ray initially had his own encounter with the RGB Slimer that he didn’t want to talk about, this hilarious crossover between Ghostbusters makes for subtle changes to the character. While the original Ghostbusters don’t often seem to call them by name, it can’t be ignored that they know that in other universes, Slimer has a name and place in their series, something Peter Venkman must have had in mind. . .

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