The Best Classes To Use in Dark and Darker

While still far from the full release of Dark and Darker, the developers have already shown off some impressive classes in its Alpha playtests. A self-described ‘Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure,’ Dark and Darker is a PvPvE role-playing game centered around one- to three-player parties delving into dungeons for treasure and riches. It’s tough and dangerous, but the rewards can be amazing, and it already has people wanting to play more when it becomes available.

Dark and Darker’s gameplay is currently centered around six classes. The melee classes are a Fighter class similar to Baldur’s Gate 3’s Fighter Class, the Barbarian Class, and the Rogue Class. In addition, it has spell casters in the Wizard and Cleric classes and the Ranger Class to set up traps and attack from range. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the best depends on the player’s play style.

Best Classes in Dark and Darker

First, for players new to the game in general, the Fighter is the best class to play with at first. A versatile gear monkey, the Fighter class is one heavily dependent on what items it has in its loadout, similar to Escape From Tarkov, a game Dark and Darker takes clear inspiration from. Gathering gear is a core part of the gameplay loop, and the Fighter can use almost any piece found. The varied abilities and perk lists accommodate that, letting players adapt as they explore and learn the mechanics.

For more experienced players looking to go, Solo, the Ranger class is their best option. Ranged damage is incredibly powerful in Dark and Darker, and in the current build, headshots are OHKO. They have Tracking and Enhanced Hearing abilities, providing vital information on the location of enemy players and monsters. They can set up traps to control the field. A good ranger can take out an entire 3-player party on their own.

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Finally, Dark and Darker’s Cleric stands apart from those in other games, like Baldur’s Gate 3 Cleric. The Cleric is the only support class currently in-game, which is essential for any party going into the dungeons. They can heal party members and reduce incoming damage, but those skills are relatively low-output. A good Cleric will be getting into combat alongside the rest of their teammates to get the win.

This isn’t to say the three other classes are bad. The Wizard, Rogue, and Barbarian Classes are excellent and just as varied in gameplay, but themselves more niche in their applications. Wizards can deal tremendous damage but die quickly. Rogues are amazingly flexible and fun but can fall apart at the slightest thing going wrong. Barbarians are excellent front-line fighters but can be easily outmaneuvered thanks to their slow movement and attack speed. Nevertheless, Dark and Darker is a great adventure title, even in Alpha.

Source: YouTube/Dark and Darker

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