The best Black Friday 2023 beauty deals to check out, from long-time favorite brands to independent newcomers!

Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude for all the things we have in life. Black Friday, which follows immediately after, is all about getting good deals.

If you’re a beauty and makeup lover, you know that this is the time of year when you can get the best sale prices on all your must-have products. It’s also the perfect time to splurge on some fancy items that have been on your wish list for a while.

Of course, beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta will offer good deals on their websites and in stores. However, you might find an even better deal if you search on your favorite brand’s website.

It’s a lot of work to search for deals on multiple websites, so we did it for you! We’ve rounded up some of the best Black Friday 2023 deals for makeup lovers. This list includes some celebrity-owned brands, indie favorites, and more.

Better yet, some items are even discounted 50% or more!

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Pat McGrath Labs: Buy more, save more

Pat McGrath Labs is a fan-favorite luxury brand that has been worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Lil Nas X.

For Black Friday 2023, the brand has a deal where you’ll save more money the more you spend. You’ll get a minimum of 30% off if you spend $50. If you spend $150 (easy to do since the brand’s Mothership eyeshadow palettes are $128 each), you’ll get 35% off. If you spend $250, you’ll get 40% off.

What would we recommend? A Mothership palette is the epitome of luxury and is never a bad way to go when the deals are this good. There’s also the Bijoux Brilliance Christmas collection with some more affordable options.

If you need more tips, you can check out some of Taylor’s brand staples.

Halsey’s Changing Beauty – 30% Off Sitewide

Halsey turn around Beauty is about pushing your art in new directions, and the products prepare you to unleash the artist within you.

For Black Friday 2023, you can explore your wildly artistic side with 30% off sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out some of the kits. The brand’s fluid matte eye paints are my personal favorites. Highly pigmented and long-lasting, they’re perfect for anything from a graphic eyeliner to a smoky eye.

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Another great option is Cherry Pick Lip Color Butter, which provides nutrition, shine and a touch of brilliant color.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Offer 3-6-9

Jeffree Star is starting Black Friday a little early with its 3-6-9 sale.

As the name suggests, you can get certain items for between $3 and $9 during the sale. Their long-lasting, long-lasting Velor Liquid Lips are available for $3 and their signature hand mirrors are $9.

Lunar Beauty – Buy More, Save More

Manny Mua’s brand lunar beauty is another that gives you better deals the more you spend when you shop on their website.

Spending $50 will instantly save you 20%, and the percentage discount goes up to a 35% savings on orders over $150.

Lunar Beauty’s newest launch is the Siren Sunset collection, featuring an eyeshadow palette with the perfect mix of colors and neutrals and some vampy liquid lipsticks.

Natasha Denona – Various offers

Luxury beauty brand Natasha Denona has a variety of offers that can get you anywhere from 20 to 50% off. The best deals are on stacked eyeshadow palettes. You can even get some of her more expensive deals at two for the price of one.

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani – 50% Off Sitewide

Gwen Stefani’s brand GXVE Beauty Won’t be playing any games for Black Friday 2023! The hitmaker’s entire website is currently 50% off.

That means now is a great time to pick up some products that replicate Gwen’s iconic red lips. Her 24 Hour Waterproof Gel Eyeliners are also on our wish list this year.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty: 25% Off Sitewide

rihanna Fenty Beauty It will arrive on Black Friday 2023 with a 25% discount on the entire site. That includes the brand’s very iconic (and expensive) fragrance collection.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Holla’Fame Christmas collection for the best deals on some of the best-selling products.

The rare beauty of Selena Gomez – Various discounts

Selena Gomez Rare beauty You’re not missing out on the fun either. The brand isn’t doing sitewide sales right now, but they have plans for a series called 6 Days of Gifting.

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Kick off Thanksgiving with a free lip balm with every $50 purchase and have other fun surprises in the works!

Need some advice on what to hook? We’ve rounded up the brand’s top five Selena Gomez-approved products.

Glamlite: 40% Off Sitewide

Glamlite has become the independent beauty brand to beat in recent years. Known for their colorful eyeshadows with exceptional formulas, they have collaborated with everyone from Barbie to various horror franchises.

For Black Friday 2023, you can get almost everything for 40% off! What’s on our wish list right now? Their Cookies ‘N’ Creme palette from a collaboration with Hersey’s earlier this year!

Sigma Beauty – 40% Off Sitewide

Sigma Beauty is going big for Black Friday 2023. The beauty brand is offering 40% off almost its entire website during the holidays.

Their brushes are fan favorites and will last a long time, and they’ve lined up collaborations with a variety of beauty gurus to help compile some must-have bundles.

Something that isn’t included in the sale but is still worth buying? His new Beauty and the Beast collection, which they worked on with Disney.

ColourPop Cosmetics – 30% Off Sitewide

ColourPop Cosmetics They’re always willing to give you a deal and this year they upped the ante for Black Friday. The beauty brand is currently 30% off sitewide and has a variety of special giveaways planned every day.

Blend Bunny Cosmetics: 35% Sitewide

Bunny Cosmetics Mix is another exciting indie beauty brand that knows its way around sales.

Known for its pigmented eyeshadows that combine all the colors of the rainbow and blend like butter, the brand will be offering 35% off sitewide between November 24th and 26th. Use code BLACKFRIDAY to get the deal.

Eyeshadow is the brand’s bread and butter, but we also love their Bare But There lip oils, which deliver nourishment with a hint of pigment. Their Matte Lip Cremes are also favorites, as they are powerful but do not dry out the lips.

In terms of eyeshadows, we can’t pick a favorite, but maybe you can!

Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs – 20% Off Sitewide

Lady Gaga will take care of her little monsters this year. The loud-mouthed beauty guru is offering 20% ​​off her entire beauty brand. Laboratory House.

What should you grab? Their Triclone Skin Tech medium coverage foundation won a beauty award this year and is available in many shades.

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Their holiday collection also features some fun options, including eyeshadow palettes that will get you an even bigger discount.

Charlotte Tilbury – Up to 30% Off Sitewide

Charlotte Tilbury is another favorite luxury brand for beauty lovers, and you can get over 30% off on the website for Black Friday 2023.

Half Magic Beauty – Buy More, Save More

If you love makeup EuphoriaSo now is the time to check it out. Half magical beautywhich was created by the TV show’s makeup artist Donni Davy.

For this year’s Black Friday, the brand is doing its own buy more, save more offer. You’ll get 20% off if you spend $50 and you can save up to 30% if you spend $125.

What should you pick up? They put together a handy gift guide to follow!

Clonadh Cosmetics – Up to 40% Off Sitewide

If you haven’t heard of multichrome eyeshadows yet, now is the time to learn about indie brands. Clonadh Cosmetics. If you’re not familiar, multichromes are bright eyeshadows that show off a variety of colors on your eyes.

clionadh is one of the best brands on the market to purchase some of the fun beauty products. They are priced higher, but will be on sale for 15% off during Black Friday. oh

What are you picking up for Black Friday 2023? Let us know!

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