The 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Filming Timeline Explained

1000 lb . sister Season 4 is highly anticipated, but the show’s timeline has become elusive. after it ended 1000 lb . sister Season 3 January 2022 With Tammy Slayton’s Balanced Life, the show was on hiatus for nearly a year before its January 2023 premiere. While the show has been discontinued, Tammy and Amy Slayton have provided updated information about them via social networks.

1000 lb . sister Amy Slaton, who gave birth to her second son, Glenn, in July 2022, detailed her pregnancy on Instagram, while Tammy will have After years of weight loss rehabilitation, she’s keep his Instagram and TikTok followers updated on his progress. When 1000 lb . sister With season 4 already established, viewers can finally learn more about what happened to the sisters, but hopefully things will be closer to the present than they were when the show ended. how surprising, 1000 lb . sister Join Amy as she finds out she’s pregnant with baby Glenn while Tammy is still adjusting to life at her rehab center in Ohio.

1,000 Pound Sisters Season 4 Starts filming in early 2022

Tammy was admitted to rehab in late 2021 after a health emergency stopped her breathing and resulted in a medically coma, she used 1000 lb . sister As a way to document her weight loss journey. After entering rehab, Tammy pledged to lose enough weight to have life-saving surgery, no matter how long it took. TLC starts filming 1000 lb . sister Season 4, in early 2022, will continue to shoot throughout the year to document everything that happened to the Slayton sisters.

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While Amy and Tammy’s life circumstances are rapidly changing, the shooting schedule for their TLC documentary series isn’t uncommon for most reality TV shows. 1000 lb . sister Amy and Tammy’s lives don’t revolve around TLC filming schedules, and they also shared some updates. This can be confusing for people who don’t follow them on social media but are now watching the sisters on TV. Although the events on the screen took place in real time almost a year ago, 1000 lb . sister Filming began in early 2022, capturing everything viewers needed to see as well as events they might not have known.

Tammy, who found love with Caleb Willingham in rehab, doesn’t talk much about her personal life or marriage, while Amy only shares updates about her pregnancy and hobbies it via social media. Although the fans who follow Amy and Tammy probably already know everything 1000 lb . sister Part 4 is shareable, should they try not. As the Slaton sisters continue their wellness journey together, they still have a lot to learn.

1000 lb . sister Airs Tuesdays at 8pm on TLC.

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