Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker scheduled to take psychological exam

A judge has ordered Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker to undergo a psychological exam to ensure he is fit to stand trial.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ show that police arrested David Crowe multiple times for staying outside the singer’s New York apartment this month, and he is currently behind bars for violating a protective order.

Crowe was initially arraigned on stalking and harassment charges on January 24. Authorities released him that day, but two hours later he was seen near Swift’s home once again. The police returned and arrested him for contempt.

The defense team requested a formal psychological evaluation before sending Crowe to trial, and the judge agreed. Crowe will not be granted bail at this time.

Taylor Swift’s stalker has been seen near her New York apartment about 30 times

According USA Today, David Crowe was arrested for harassing Taylor Swift three times in five days. During one of the incidents, witnesses saw him digging in a dumpster near the Grammy winner’s home.

fox 5 She asked Crowe why he was harassing Taylor Swift, and he defended himself by saying, “No, I was grabbing some of my pants that they threw in the dumpster when I was falsely arrested.”

Overall, Crowe has allegedly been seen hanging around Swift’s house about 30 times in the past two months. One report says a “custodian” asked him to leave the property ten times. It is because of these reports that the judge keeps Crowe behind bars without the option of bail.

“The most dangerous stalkers will continue to lurk. They are compulsive, impulsive, relentless and don’t necessarily have other anchors in their life,” said Carrie Goldberg, owner of CA Goldberg, PLLC, a law firm that specializes in harassment. “Current New York law requires an intimate connection between offenders, but as we see here with Swift, it’s not always the case that they know each other.”

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