Taylor Swift scrapes ice off her box windows to watch Travis Kelce during cold NFL ‘Ice Bowl’ game

Taylor Swift is seriously dedicated to cheering on Travis Kelce and isn’t letting a little ice slow her down.

On Saturday (January 13), the 34-year-old pop titan attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ final game as her boyfriend’s team advances to the NFL playoffs before the Super Bowl.

The game is shaping up to be one of the coldest ever recorded. NBC reported that the temperature at the start was 5 degrees below zero and the wind reached speeds of 30 miles per hour. It will only get colder as the game progresses.

Some on social media have even gone so far as to call the game the “bowl of ice.”

It’s so cold that Taylor’s box windows froze over, making it impossible to see the field. A video of her at the game is now going viral and shows just how far she was willing to go to see Travis take the field.

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TO video on X (formerly Twitter) shows Taylor scraping the windows from the inside so he can see through them.

In the video, Taylor can barely be made out through the layer of ice and fog covering the window. However, she is determinedly scraping to clean things up enough to see.

“She is a great worker,” the account wrote. We could not agree more!

Let’s hope the game goes smoothly and everyone is safe.

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