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Taylor Reilly is an American social influencer well known for her famous Vine videos. Later, Taylor Reilly moved on to YouTube, where she posts blogs about her battle with scoliosis, a medical condition she suffers from.

Early life and childhood

From 2023Taylor Reilly is 24 years old. She was born in December 22, 1997, in Delaware, which is a small Mid-Atlantic state. Furthermore, his birth sign is Capricorn and he has an American nationality.

Taylor’s parents have separated but still appear in her videos. She currently lives with her mother. On the other hand, her father Kevin used to live in Santa Cruz but recently lives in California.

Caption: Taylor Reilly with dad and mom. Source: Instagram

Through his vlogs, he has mentioned his medical condition, scoliosis, which he has suffered from since childhood.

This condition makes Taylor look like a dwarf. He has uploaded many videos in which he has shared his struggle with the medical condition that he suffers from.

It should be noted that Taylor became ill shortly after her birth and suffered several breathing problems and underwent heart and stomach surgeries.

In short, he spent his childhood struggling with his health problems.

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First of all, Viner Taylor studied at school until the sixth grade and then dropped out. After this, she decided to be homeschooled.

Second, Taylor rejoined a school in seventh grade and repeatedly changed her mind and returned to homeschooling.

Finally, he studied at a school from eighth grade until his final graduation, specially designed for children with chronic illnesses.

However, he has not mentioned the name of any of his schools. The reason behind abandoning her is that others make fun of her because of her short stature.

Taylor Reilly – Social Media

Taylor is social media friendly. She has over 49.6k followers on the Instagram username @_taylorreilly and almost 12.3k followers on the Twitter username @_taylorreilly.

Subsequently, she has 535,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel under her name Taylor Reilly. However, she does not have an official Facebook page.

Taylor Reilly – Marital Status

Previously, Taylor Reilly was in a relationship with Damian. She met him through Vine in the year 2014. But unfortunately, they separated in the year 2017.

Likewise, Taylor had recently shared photos with a boy named Elliot Fletcher on her Instagram. But it is unknown whether they are dating or not due to their secretive nature.

Taylor Reilly – Net worth 2023

Taylor’s main source of income comes from her YouTube channel and Vine video advertising. Her net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand as of 2023.

As a YouTuber, he has a monthly income of between $4,000 and $7,100, while his annual earnings reach between $40,000 and $65,500.

Taylor likes expensive gadgets and also owns many cameras. Thus, she visits many places and seems to be living a luxurious life.

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Taylor Reilly – Health Issues

Taylor talked about scoliosis in her first video. It is a condition that he has suffered from since birth and is a medical condition that causes a lateral curve in the spine and makes the person look like a dwarf.

The condition resulted in a rare form of deformity known as chondrodysplasia punctata in Taylor’s case.

He became sick repeatedly shortly after his birth and the problem with his lungs was his main concern. After several tests, her health problem at birth was defined as scoliosis.

Taylor also had breathing problems that have now been cured. Without success, Taylor has undergone numerous surgeries.

He has also undergone heart and stomach surgeries. Taylor has created many vlogs talking about his health problems.

Career and professional life

Previously, Taylor started her social media career through Vine and later posted her first video on August 2013.

As of today, he had already gained around 160,000 followers on his Instagram platform overnight through his comedy videos.

His YouTube videos include One of these days someone will be a catfish just to appear on television.

Taylor subsequently moved to YouTube in January 24, 2014, where in his first video he talked about his medical condition that affected his spine resulting in a dwarf appearance. Likewise, her self-titled YouTube channel ‘Taylor Reilly’ has earned over 525,000 subscribers to date.

Despite Taylor’s medical condition, she has also made pranks and challenge videos. Storytime videos that include The inhaled girl returns. and how I do my makeup He changed his video patterns and gained many fans and money.

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In addition to that, Taylor has shared her photos attending the videocon event held in 2017 On Instagram. He posts all types of videos, from vlogs to reaction videos to cooking videos.

One of the most viewed videos on her channel titled “THE INHALER GIRL REGRESS,” posted on August 2, 2017, garnered nearly 9,857,765 views.

Some of the other notable videos are “Watching My Old Vines” with 2.5 million views, “MAKING MY DAD CLEAN A PUMPKIN JUST SO HE CAN TRY TO GET INTO IT” with 1.6 million views, and “HOW I MAKEUP [mediocre as hell]”with 1.1 million views.

Taylor Reilly after getting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

Caption: Taylor after getting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Source: Instagram

Viner Taylor is a fan of tattoos and got her first tattoo before she turned 18. Proof of this, she claimed that she got a new tattoo and shared the photo of it with her friends.

As a result, he currently has almost 6 tattoos all over his body. Furthermore, she was never sexually abused for being a scoliosis patient, but she was very overwhelmed for being a dwarf.

Body measurements

Taylor Reilly stands just 4 feet tall and has a less impressive weight i.e. 41 kg.. Additionally, he has straight black hair and blue eyes.

Other accurate information regarding his chest, waist, hip and bicep measurements is not available but will be updated. Furthermore, she also loves tattoos and currently she has six tattoos.

Taylor Reilly posing for a photo at Twin Lakes States Beach

Caption: Taylor posing for a photo at Twin Lakes States Beach. Source: Instagram

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