Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell sing ‘Unwriting’ with Natasha Bedingfield and give fans goosebumps

Meet in the sweetest way, Nobody but you Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell joined Natasha Bedingfield to sing. Not written on stage at the 2024 People’s Awards on Sunday, February 18.

The performance at the awards show notably references a scene from her recent romantic comedy. In the film, Powell’s character, Ben, alleviates his fear of heights by singing. Not written.

While on stage, Syndey Sweeney asked, “Are you okay, Glen?” To which Powell responded: “Yes, there are a lot of people here. “I don’t know, I’m a little nervous.”

Sweeney goes on to state, “Do you want me to do that thing that calms you down?” what the public sings to Not written. “My serenity song won’t help,” Powell said.

After trying to calm her down Nobody but you co-star down, Sweeney had no choice but to “bring out the big guns.” Bedingfield emerges to perform her hit song. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell join in to sing with the crowd.

Of course, the Internet was quickly flooded with hilarious responses to the stage performance. “Glen really tried to take that top octave,” one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Another person wrote on X: “No one can feel unhappy when this song comes on, you just can’t.”

Others couldn’t believe that the stage performance was actually happening. “This was NOT on my bingo card for 2024, but I’m here for it,” one viewer added.

Nobody but you It was nominated for Comedy Movie of the Year. Syndey Sweeney and Glen Powell were also recognized in the Comedy Movie Star of the Year category.

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Sydney Sweeney previously spoke about her on-screen chemistry with Glen Powell

While promoting her and Glen Powell’s romantic comedy Nobody but you, Sydney Sweeney opened up about her undeniable on-screen chemistry with her co-star.

“I mean, we sold a romantic comedy,” Sweeney said. PEOPLE. “We were filming an amazing, fun movie.”

Powell then explained: “We had chemistry from the beginning. It was amazing, and so much so that he decided to give me a role in this movie.”

Addressing speculation that there is something more going on between the actors, Powell shared: “Sydney has been… an internet sensation for a while. “This is my first jump into that.”

“Every time you’re around Sydney, I notice you get the full force of her fame. But look, the best thing about this is that we really love and respect each other. We had a great time doing this.”

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