Superman Legacy Has Already Broken The New DCU Timeline, 2 Years Before It Begins

by james gunn Superman: Legacy The timeline of the DC universe was broken before the movie premiered. Gunn and Peter Safran are in charge of DC Studios, and both are actively planning a new DC universe for the next decade, including movies, TV series, animation, and video games. In addition to serving as DC’s new creative director, Gunn also writes and directs Superman: LegacyAs a reboot of “Superman: Man of Steel,” starring David Corenthwaite as Superman, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, the film will be the first in the new DC Universe. movie.

Superman: Legacy Possibly the first film in the new DC Universe, focusing on Collenthwaite’s young Clark Kent; however, the film will not be an origin story. Superman: Legacy Seeing that the Man of Steel lives in a world already filled with superheroes, to emphasize that, DC only selected three heroes who will appear alongside Superman in the film. Green Lantern is here Superman: LegacyNathan Fillion plays the heroic version of Guy Gardner, Isabella Merced as Hawkgirl and Eddie Gathegi as Mr. Fantastic of the DC Universe. While interesting, Superman: Legacy The casting announcement breaks the timeline of the DC Universe.

Nathan Fillion’s casting of Green Lantern raises questions about the timeline

Fillion as Guy Gardner in ‘Green Lantern’ Superman: Legacy The DC Universe timeline was broken before the DCU kicked in normally. The reason is that Gunn’s first DC movie, suicide squad, Fillion plays another DC character, TDK. Although the character is far from the main character, TDK is still alive until the end of the film thanks to the comic relief the character has at the beginning. suicide squad. With Gunn confirming that the characters from the film will exist in the DC Universe, Fillion’s new DC character breaks the DC Universe timeline, as fans have noticed, as follows:

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twitter user @Cam Kenobi referring to guns suicide squad is a classic of the DC universe, with Superman: Legacy Actor Fillion as Green Lantern. Gunn has confirmed that both projects are based on suicide squad Characters are part of the new DC universe wall maker max series and john cena peace Part 2, Gunn will continue watching after the end Superman: Legacy.And suicide squadAs with the DC Universe continuity, Fillion’s TDK is also technically a DCU character, and his casting as Guy Gardner puts him in a dual role.

DCU should be reset completely

James Gunn and the DC Universe Timeline

Bringing characters from the DCEU back into the DC universe is hard work. Although the DCEU wasn’t as successful as expected, there were still quite a few iterations of beloved characters in it. The fact that Gunn chooses who he wants to inherit, as well as which DCEU actors can play new DC Universe characters, is sure to divide fans. In order not to face this problem, DC Universe should reset completely, starting with a clean leaderboard Superman: Legacy It’s coming out in 2025. Now, some fans are sure to be confused as to whether past DCEU characters and actors will be included in the new DC Universe.

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