Star Wars Theory Reveals Why The Sith’s Jedi Purges Always Failed


  • The Jedi survived multiple attempts by the Sith to eliminate them, with many successfully hiding themselves or accepting help to stay safe.
  • The Jedi have gone through purges throughout their history, not just during Order 66. They always bounce back successfully, showing their resilience.
  • Hu Yang is a cyborg that has existed for 25,000 years and played a vital role in the survival of the Jedi. He provides wisdom and guidance to pass down the history of the Jedi to future generations.

Jedi and Sith feuded throughout the war Star WarsAlthough the Sith attempted to eliminate the Jedi, they never succeeded.With every new piece Star Wars Through storytelling, it appears that yet another survivor of Order 66 has been discovered, further proving just how resilient the Jedi are and how the Sith can never seem to escape their nemesis. Darth Vader sent Imperial Inquisitors to track down the Jedi across the galaxy. Why were the Jedi never eliminated?

Many Jedi have successfully hidden themselves, with the likes of Ahsoka Tano and even Obi-Wan Kenobi hiding themselves among the citizens of rural or backwater planets. whereabouts and trying to adapt to a simpler life.Others were aided as they were transported across the galaxy for safekeeping, such as through Jabim’s network, as shown here Obi-Wan Kenobi.Some people give up on being a Jedi altogether and consider taking on a darker perspective, e.g. AhsokaBelan Skoll. While these efforts worked, there may be one real reason why the Jedi were never wiped out, and it had nothing to do with the Jedi themselves.

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Order 66 was not the first Jedi purge

While Order 66 is the Jedi Purge that most viewers will be familiar with, it’s certainly not the first time the Jedi have experienced it.exist high republic novel Light of the Jedi Written by: Charles Soule, said Yarael Poof, a member of the Jedi Council in the prequels Star Wars Era – There have actually been times in their history where the Jedi Order was reduced to just a handful of Jedi. This confirms that the Sith had tried to eliminate the Jedi many times before, but they were never able to complete their mission. The Jedi keep coming back, as powerful and tough as ever. So what—or who—is the one constant in Jedi history?

Hu Yang helped the Jedi for 25,000 years

Hu Yang Droid in

Hu Yangzai Ahsoka He has been confirmed to have existed in Jedi history for 25,000 years, making him one of the few enduring and valuable constants in Jedi history. The droid is even 75% of his original parts, which is impressive considering he’s survived so long, especially after surviving multiple Jedi Purges. Of course, while he specializes in helping the Jedi build their lightsabers, he also has a lot of wisdom and insight to help the Jedi, as Ahsoka is often seen doing in her series. Hu Yang has long been an important part of the Jedi Order, and this theory suggests it might even go further.

Hu Yang is the real reason why the Jedi never fell

Hu Yang inspects Sabine's lightsaber (Ezra)

Although Hu Yang never stayed in the Jedi Temple, he has been providing advice and wisdom to the Jedi, inspiring the new generation to stand up, calling on the predecessors, and learning from their mistakes.This is the role played by Hu Yang in the play Ahsoka, doing what they can to repair the relationship between Ahsoka and Sabine so that they can move forward in a way that the old Jedi couldn’t. He could even visit Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple on Ossus, since Ahsoka herself needed to get there somehow when she visited Luke in 2017. boba fett books.

Because the Jedi have fallen Star WarsHu Yang remained, passing down the history of the Jedi to those who would rise again and rebuild the Order. Hu Yang will likely play such a role in Rey’s New Jedi Order movie, as he would be a valuable asset in helping Rey build on the ashes of what Luke himself is trying to do. As long as Hu Yang and 75% of his original parts are around, Jedi Knight will always have a reasonable chance, especially as the droid continues to advise new generations. He carries more knowledge on his belt than a lightsaber, and he possesses enough knowledge to save the Jedi from extinction many times throughout history. Star Wars history.

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