Star Wars Fixed One Of Its Biggest Plot Holes 5 Years Ago… And Nobody Noticed

One of the oldest plot holes in the Star Wars franchise was fixed in a forgotten movie five years ago, meaning no one noticed the fix.


  • The movie Solo: A Star Wars Story solves a long-standing plot hole in the Star Wars saga by revealing that different types of fuel affect the speed of hyperspace travel.
  • This explanation helps to understand the inconsistencies in hyperspace travel depicted in the various Star Wars films, including the duration of hyperspace jumps.
  • Understanding the concept of different hyperspace fuels could provide explanations for perceived plot holes and inconsistencies in the series, such as the Holdo maneuver in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” or the hyperspace in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Space jump.

One of the oldest plot holes Star Wars It was fixed five years ago but no one noticed.since Star Wars Since 1977, one thing has been inevitable.Endless plot holes are common at best and worst Star Wars From the beloved original to the controversial prequel and much-maligned sequel, the trilogy has it all.The sci-fi fantasy nature of the series ensures this, with otherworldly aspects introduced in each film Star Wars The TV show attracted widespread attention.

A thorough exploration by fans Star Wars’ The sci-fi aspect will undoubtedly continue in the upcoming Star Wars movies. Whether it’s those curious to know how everything works in a galaxy far, far away, or those looking to uncover plot holes for their own satisfaction, Star Wars This is a series that can never escape the inconsistencies and errors in franchise lore.That said, one of the oldest plot holes in the entire story Star Wars The legend has been rebutted by a forgotten film that introduced new details about one of the series’ most common sci-fi elements: hyperspace.

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Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace. RELATED How Hyperspace Works in Star Wars Hyperspace is an essential feature of space travel in Star Wars, but how does this faster-than-light mode of transportation actually work?

Solo: A Star Wars Story Reveals How Hyperspace Fuel Affects Travel

Star Wars Story's Lando Pilots Falcon Solo in Hyperspace at Lightspeed

The forgotten film in question is Solo: A Star Wars Story From 2018. The film details the origins of lovable rogue Han Solo, including his meeting with Chewbacca and his first heist in America. Star Wars galaxy.The robbery involved the theft of large boxes of coaxial alloy, a fuel Star Wars Galaxies have been shown to allow ships to travel through hyperspace at greater speeds.

mentioned before Star Wars The plot hole that’s resolved is the question of how fast hyperspace travel really is.different Star Wars Projects offer similarly varied answers to this question, with some movies showing long distance hyperspace jumps lasting only a few seconds, while others last for hours.This soon became a common phenomenon Star Wars However, plot holes soloThe coaxial development solved this problem. solo Research shows that different types of fuel make ships travel faster or slower in hyperspace, meaning different ships can make similar hyperspace jumps at different times.

Hyperspace fuel could explain why hyperspace doesn’t always make sense

In Rebels , the Phantom was pulled out of hyperspace by the Interceptor.

This simple explanation proves why hyperspace doesn’t always make sense Star Wars.It can even be applied to obvious logic errors, such as hyperspace jumps Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.This – as well as other divisive alleged plot holes, e.g. Star Wars: The Last JediThe Holdo maneuver – can be explained in the following way soloDifferent fuel concept.Obvious plot hole if different fuels could change the way hyperspace works Star Wars‘ The imaginary method of travel can be avoided entirely.

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