Sofia Coppola says she has to fight for film budgets as a director

Sofia Coppola talks about gender inequality in cinema.

The Oscar-winning director, 52, premiered her new film, priscillain October, and has done a lot of press and promotion since then.

During a recent interview with bbc newsSofia explained how she manages to avoid getting the high budgets that her male counterparts in the industry are accustomed to.

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“I just see all these men getting hundreds of millions of dollars, and then I’m fighting for a tiny fraction of that,” he said. “I think it’s a carryover from the way the culture of that business is. “It’s frustrating, but I’m always fighting for it and I’m happy to be able to make my films independently and find people who believe in them.”

Sofia was assigned a small budget of 20 million dollars to priscilla. Therefore, she was forced to get creative with the production.

“There’s a challenge and a freedom in doing small things because if you have a big budget, you have a lot of input from studio executives, and I could never make a movie like that,” he explained. “So I have that freedom, and then you have to be very crafty, and it was very difficult, but I had the best team.”

If you haven’t seen it, Sofia Coppola addressed the rumor that Lana Del Rey almost starred in priscilla!

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