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Shioli Kutsuna is a famous actress and model from Japan. Shioli Kutsuna gained popularity by appearing in “Deadpool 2” as Yukio, “Oh Lucy” as Mika Ogawa, “Murder Mystery” and “Petal Dance” as Haraki.

Early life and childhood

Shioli was born on December 22, 1992, in Sydney, Australia. Currently, she is 30 years and her real name is Shiori Kutsuna i. And her nickname is Shioli Kutsuna.

She is the daughter of Karim Kutsuna (father), a businessman, and Tau Kutsuna (mother), a housewife. And she has a brother named Min Kutsuna (brother).

Also, she is delighted with her family members and loves to spend quality time with them and they support her in her career. She has revealed her family members to the public and photos of her are available with them.

Caption: Shioli Kutsuna with her father (Source Instagram)

There is no information available about how he spent his childhood, who his friends were, his behavior towards others, etc. Also, all the information related to his childhood is secret. She is of Japanese and Australian nationality, her zodiac sign is Capricorn, her religion is Christian, and her ethnicity is Japanese.

Shioli Kutsuna – Education

Shioli studied at Horikoshi High School located in Tokyo, Japan, and completed her education. Then, she studied at the Asian University for two years and started her career.

She was interested in acting, dance, and entertainment. Also, at school she used to participate in programs related to acting, dance and entertainment.

There is no information available about how he was with his teachers and friends and his interest in studies etc. Maybe in the future, he will give details related to his educational background at that time, and we will update it here.

Career and professional life

Shioli is a famous actress and model who started her acting career. She then appeared in various advertisements and magazines and did many photo shoots and gained her name and fame because of her. She and she appeared in various movies, stage productions, and series. Her multilingual experience helped develop her career.

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Appeared in the movie called “Guardian angel” and played the role of Ryoko in the year 2009. The movie was famous all over the world with positive reviews. In the year 2010, she appeared in the movies called “Chonmage Purin” and “STREAM”.

Also, in 2011, he acted in the movies called “Shojotachi no Rashinban” in the role of Eshima Ran and “Shinichi Kudo’s Written Challenge! The Mystery of the Legendary Strange Bird”. In 2012, he acted in the movie called “Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case” and “The Life of Guskou Budori” in the role of Neri. Also, she played in “Petal Dance” in the role of Haraki, also in the film “Before the Vigil” as Machiko Yamada, and in “Unforgivable” in the role of Natsume in 2013.

In 2014 he appeared in “Ouch! Father” as Taeko, and in 2015 she appeared in “125 year memory” in the role of Haru. She acted in two movies in 2016, as “While the Women Sleep” and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

In 2017 he played in “Kiseki”, “Cat Collector’s House”, and “Oh, Lucia!” like Mika Ogawa. She acted in two movies in the year 2018 as “Abroad” and Deadpool 2. In 2019 he played murder mystery” in the role of Suzi Nakamura.


In addition to appearing in movies, he acted in several series. In 2007 she played “3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 8” in the role of Akiko Kanai. And in 2008, she played in “Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu” like Risa Fujisawa. In the year 2009, she appeared in “70,000 People Detective Nitobe” in the role of Tsugumi Nitobe, “Shōkōjo Seira” as Kaori Mizushima, and in “The Witch Trial” like Haruka Kashiwagi.

she appeared in “Shinichi Kudo’s Written Challenge”, “Kaseifu no Mita”, and “The family game”. Also in 2013 he played in “Machiisha Jumbo!!” like Asuka Baba. Also, in 2014, she played in “Bitter Blood” and in 2021, he appeared in “Invasion” in the role of Mitsuki Yamato.

She also worked as a model and did many photo shoots with famous photographers. She and she collaborated with talented actors and actresses. She was a model for many brands and advertisements and is known for her photogenic talent.

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Day by day, her followers are increasing on her Instagram account. On Instagram, upload amazing photos and reels. Looking at the photos of her, we can see that she is enjoying her life. Due to her pretty face and her charming body, she is gaining popularity on Instagram.

His way of dressing attracts people and his style is gaining more and more fans. Also, his Instagram profile is interesting and he has uploaded many reels and images. On Instagram she has 283 thousand followers.

Shioli started her career at a young age. In a short time, she progressed in her work and was able to influence people through her work and gain widespread notoriety. Her career path finally came full circle as her popularity increased and she not only gained international fame but also fame in her home country of Japan.

brand endorsements

Shioli endorsed some brands and promoted their products. Brand endorsement is also his main source of income and he made a lot of profit from his brand endorsement.

He endorsed and promoted the products of brands such as Epson Colorio, Who What Wear, Everybody pocky and Giorgio Armani. Maybe in the future it will promote the products of other brands and at that time we will update it here.

Awards and nominations

She is a famous actress and model and has received many awards and nominations. And she has a great future ahead of her and a very good chance to win many awards and nominations. In the year 2006, she won the 11th Japan Bishojo Contest, a beauty pageant. She won the second TAMA Cinema Award for Best Rising Actress and the 7th Beauty Week Award for Best Beauty.

In 2011, she won the 9th Clarino Beautiful Legs Award and the 2nd Japan Wedding Best Dresser Award. She won the Japan Natto Cooperative Society Award and in 2014 she won the 37th Japan Academy Prize and won Forbes Japan 2021 in the year 2021. In 2021, she won Forbes JAPAN 2021.

Shioli Kutsuna during her award ceremony (Source Instagram)

Caption: Shioli Kutsuna during her award ceremony (Source Instagram)

Net Worth 2023

Kutsuna’s estimated net worth is $1 million and his monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown. Her work as an actress, brand endorser and model is the main source of her income.

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And now he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and various expensive vehicles thanks to sales and excellent jobs. If you provide your weekly, yearly, and monthly salary, we’ll update it here.

civil status

Kutsuna is not currently married, engaged, or even dating. His history for each date has been reviewed and verified. Instead of being in a relationship, Kutsuna now focuses on his profession. In the past, he dated an actor named Shota Matsuda, but they broke up due to a misunderstanding.

She just wants someone who is in a serious relationship and loves her for life and she hasn’t found anyone else. Maybe in the future, she will be in a relationship, at which time we will update her here.


Even Shioli’s professional life is kept private, as is any information about her. Furthermore, she has the skills to manage her personal and business life and has never revealed any information to the public.

Also, she has never been the focus of any controversy or rumors and there are no reports available on this topic, and she is a famous actress and model.

body measurements

His actual height is 5 feet 2 inches and his weight is 50 kg. According to the photos of her, her hair color is silky black, and her eyes are also attractive and dark brown.

His body type is slim with a big personality and other body measurements like biceps, chest, and waist are 32-27-35 inches. She is worried about her body, but she follows a proper diet and has fair skin.

Shioli Kutsuna posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Caption: Shioli Kutsuna posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Shioli Kutsuna – Social Networks

Shioli is active on social media. On Instagram, she has 283k followers and has followed 135 people there, posting 87 posts. And her Instagram account is marked with a blue check mark with the username “shiolikutsuna”.

She is not active on Facebook and there are many accounts available similar to her name. We couldn’t find his official Twitter account. Maybe in the future, he’ll be active on Twitter and Facebook, at which point we’ll update him here.

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