Several Big Musicians Turned Down the Chance to Play at King Charles’ Coronation Before He Revealed the Lineup (Report)

King Charles‘ coronation date is looming, and he is starting to nail down the musical talent that will entertain guests during the weekend-long celebration.

The 74-year-old royal will officially become King on May 6. One big part of the celebrations is the Coronation Concert, which will be televised on May 7 and is said to feature “global music icons and contemporary stars.”

The lineup is starting to roll out and already includes the likes of Katy Perry.

However, it sounds like several musical acts that fit the bill had to pass on the opportunity for a variety of reasons. We pulled together a list in case you were curious which acts are unlikely to celebrate King Charles‘ big weekend from the stage.

Scroll through the artists who are rumored to have passed on a chance to play for King Charles’ coronation…

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