Secret Invasion Episode 4 Ending Explained

warning! This article contains spoilers for Marvel’s Secret Invasion Episode 4 secret invasion Episode 4 has been released, has a devastating ending while also confirming several key theories about the Skrulls and their attempt to take over Earth. The so-called “Beloved” Skrulls remain determined to pit the United States and Russia against each other, instigating nuclear war, and at the same time giving themselves new powers as the Super-Skrulls. Thus, the episode offers a truly tragic ending for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and some of his remaining allies.

In episode 4 of The Secret Invasion, the Skrull Revolutionary Army led by new General Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) goes on their most daring mission yet, trying to kill the President of the United States. Additionally, Nick Fury is confronted with the truth about his Skrull wife Priscilla/Vara (Charlene Woodard) and other key revelations in the episode, which ends in a disastrous failure. secret invasion End of episode 4 explained.

Gia is a Super Skrull

exist. . .The Beginning secret invasion In episode 4, Gi’ah (Emilia Clarke) survives being shot by Gravik, who is still working with her exiled father, Talos. This is thanks to Extremis abilities that she empowered herself before sensing the Russian colony of New Skrulos. When Gravik died, Gia’s wounds healed, and despite her disappointment with her father’s more idealistic hope that humans and Skrulls could still find a way to live in peace, she went to see her father. . As such, Gi’ah is poised to join the ranks of Nick Fury more directly in the last few episodes. secret invasionespecially after the game-changing end of Episode 4.

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Although she is still conflicted with her desire to give her people a new home, it is clear that Ji-A is no longer in favor of Gravik and his ruthless tactics. So now that she’s the second Super Skrull confirmed in the MCU, she’s sure to be a formidable opponent. As shown in previous episodes secret invasion In episode 4, now that Extremis has allowed Gravik to heal very quickly, killing the new champion Skrull will be very difficult. With her own powers, Gia has the best chance of stopping Gravik for good.

Roddy has finally been confirmed as a Skrull

Roddy is revealed as a Skrull in Secret Invasion

as seen secret invasion In Episode 4, Colonel James “Roddy” Rhodes is finally revealed to be a Skrull agent working for Gravik. Thanks to her valuable relationship with President Ritson (Dermot Mulroney), the female Skrull posing as Roddy has certainly been providing Gravik with information about the US government for quite some time. However, it also confirms that Fury already knows the truth about Roddy, possibly because they are in secret invasion In episode 2, Fake Roddy calls him “Nick”. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made a rule that no one calls Fury by his name.

It is unclear where Roddy really is, or if he is still alive after being replaced by the Skrulls. Also, a mystery is the fate of False Roddy, who disappeared after calling Gravik to launch an attack on President Ritson’s motorcade. The Skrulls may not need Roddy after this attack, and it’s possible that Fury will find the real Roddy by the end of the series. armored war In the movie, he will try to protect the legacy left by Iron Man. Perhaps that legacy was tarnished when Rhodes was replaced by shape-shifting aliens.

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Gravik’s New Super Skull Power Explained

Gravik uses Groot's powers as a Super Skrull

Has shown his desperate ability, first seen in Iron Man 3During a shootout between the US government protecting President Ritson and Skrulls posing as Russian soldiers, Gravik reveals his confirmed second power as the Marvel Universe’s first Super-Skrull. Gravik spread his arms wide and became intertwined branches, his new powers coming from the plant giant Groot and the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves. Apparently, Groot left a part of himself behind after the Battle of Wakanda, and the Skrulls collected Groot’s DNA for their Super-Skrull experiments.

As such, Groot is the equivalent of Gravik’s Super-Skrull ability from Mister Fantastic, replacing the official Fantastic Four that has yet to debut in the MCU. Similar to the first Super Skull in the original comics that had all the power of Marvel’s First Family, Extremis is clearly on par with the Human Torch. Additionally, the DNA from Cal Obsidian’s severed hand can provide the same durability and strength as Ben Grimm’s Artifact, while the Frozen Beast from Jotunheim can allow Gravik to create an ice shield instead of an energy shield. by Sue Stowe Mu. However, the power to defeat the icy beast and the obsidian has not yet appeared in secret invasion hitherto.

Talos is killed by Gravik in Secret Invasion Episode 4

Talos dies in secret invasion Episode 4

Final secret invasion In episode 4, Fury and Talos’ mission to save President Ritson ended in disaster. When the President’s convoy was attacked by Gravik and his Skrull forces, Fury rescued Ritson with the help of Talos. Before Fury could react, however, Gravik stabbed Talos, and by the time Fury shot him it was too late, and his Extremis powers healed him instantly. Fury has no choice but to save Ritson from the bullets, and he flees the chaotic battle, leaving Talos dead in the final scene. secret invasion Episode 4.

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While it’s also possible that Talos received some Extremis, that seems unlikely given how the New Skrulos could be locked in the wake of Gia’s betrayal as Fury and her father’s mole. . It’s also unlikely Gia impersonates her father in the mission to rescue Ritson, as she left her father earlier in the episode, calling his optimism about Skrull and human coexistence “an illusion”. . It appears that Talos is dead, leaving Gia in mourning, perhaps seeking revenge for her father when she learns of what Gravik did to him.

Where will the president’s anger go?

Dermot Mulroney as President Leeson in Marvel's 'Secret Invasion'

With Ritson in the passenger seat, Fury fled the killing zone as quickly as he could, but he had no idea where he was going with the President of the United States. However, it is predictable that this will be the secret safehouse hidden in the cemetery, as seen in the Marvel trailer. secret invasionAfter all, the scene of Fury arming himself in this particular safe house is one of the last remaining scenes never seen so far. secret invasion Episode 4. With only two episodes left, it’s unclear what Fury’s next plans are, as he seems to have lost Talos forever, his only true ally and best friend in the current MCU.

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