Robert Downey Jr. talks about his performance as Iron Man and calls it one of his best works, but…

Robert Downey Jr. remembers his experience bringing Iron Man to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 58-year-old actor played the beloved genius, playboy and billionaire philanthropist from his first solo film in 2008 until Avengers Endgame more than a decade later, in 2019.

During an appearance at Literally! In the podcast, Robert opined that he did “some of the best work” of his career in the franchise. However, he did not feel that he received the credit he deserved.

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Robert said he “felt very exposed” after leaving Marvel. dolittle – his first role after game over – was not well received and felt the result.

“I think I did one of the best jobs I will ever do.” [with Marvel]but it went a little unnoticed because of the genre,” he said via Variety.

After her experience with Marvel, she said, “the rug was definitely pulled out from under me and all the things that I relied on as opposed to what I understood about trust and confidence evaporated. And that made me docile.”

Despite those challenges, Robert said it ended up being a good thing for him.

Did you know that Robert almost wasn’t even chosen to play Iron Man? Find out why.

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