“Reality Is Gone” – Loki’s MCU-Changing Cliffhanger Officially Explained By Marvel Producer

warn!This article contains spoilers for Loki Season 2 Episode 4


  • A Marvel Studios producer says the Time Loom explosion was Loki Season 2 Episode 4 has destroyed reality itself, leaving Loki to figure out how to bring it back.
  • The Marvel Multiverse has undergone a massive transformation, with every existing timeline moving further away from the other.
  • Fortunately, Loki’s knowledge of time and the multiverse remains intact, giving him the power to restore order.

MCU executive producer teases what’s next for Loki and TVA Loki Season 2 Episode 4 is a game-changing cliffhanger. Despite all their efforts, Loki and his allies were unable to prevent the Splitting of the Space-Time Loom, resulting in the apparent destruction of the TVA. Temporal radiation engulfed TVA headquarters, tearing Victor Time to pieces along the way.Whatever this means for Loki and the future of the Marvel Universe is left to the imagination of viewers, at least until Loki Season 2, Episode 5.

But equally disastrous Loki The final scene of Season 2 Episode 4 seems to indicate that there is still hope for the Marvel Multiverse.during an interview Technology RadarMarvel Studios producer Kevin Wright teases what exactly will happen when the Time Loom explodes and how Loki will deal with the aftermath, he says:

“Well…reality has faded,” Wright joked. “Loki is going to…have to be brought back to reality somehow, so I think time will tell how he does that.”

Wright’s comments seem to confirm that the explosion of the Space-Time Loom not only pushed every existing timeline away from each other, but also destroyed reality itself. Everything from TVA headquarters to every universe in the Marvel Multiverse may have undergone a massive transformation, at least from an outside perspective. However, Loki’s knowledge of time and the multiverse appears to remain intact, giving him the only tool he can use to return everything to normal. Time was ticking, and Loki’s time was so limited. Loki There are still a few episodes left in season two.

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Loki producers respond to massive multiverse theory

In addition to confirming that reality as fans know it has fundamentally changed, Marvel producer Kevin Wright also teased how the explosion of the Time Loom will affect Loki Main characters of season 2.Visual design depicting an explosion Loki Wright explained that the final scene of Season 2, Episode 4,

“It’s a bit of a coincidence. We think it’s like a nuclear explosion versus a slow volcanic eruption. But temporal energy is the same technology used in TVA’s plum sticks, so you never know where everyone goes.”

Wright’s comments suggest that at least Loki, Morbius, Sylvie, Hunter B-15, Ouroboros, and Casey survived the destruction of the Time Loom, but also ended up in the now-shattered multiverse elsewhere in . Since temporal energy works on the same principle as TVA’s prune sticks, it’s possible that all characters who were at TVA headquarters when the Time Loom disintegrated may have been sent to the Void or one of the scattered timelines.

All rules are governed by Loki Seasons 1 and 2 may look different now that the Divine Timeline has disappeared, the Time Loom has been destroyed, and the TVA itself has fallen victim to the collapse of the multiverse. Once time energy consumes TVA, concepts such as pruning, polytraveling using the TVA TempPad, and the flow of time itself may change. Now, Loki may need to use what he’s learned since being pulled from the original timeline to rally his friends. However, I wonder if they all remember what happened at TVA.

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The destruction of the Time Loom may have also affected everything that happened in the scattered timelines, so Loki and his allies’ memories of Earth’s history may now be different as well. Not only that, but the reality outside of the MCU’s Earth-616 may have undergone the same changes. Loki Season 2’s main cast may return to where they were before they were captured by the Remnants, but they may also enter a completely different universe.Only time will tell how exactly Loki will establish some sense of order in the MCU multiverse Loki Season 2 is coming to an end.

source: Technology Radar

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