Pura Luka Vega Wiki: What’s Her Real Name? Net Worth And Family

Pure Luke Vega’s real name is Amadeus Fernando Pagente. Continue reading till the end to know more about their family life. Pura Luka Vega is a famous Filipino drag performer who competed on Drag Den, and is best known for his drag performance of the Ama Namin remix. Vega, for the record, does not identify with any gender identity and considers herself either gender nonconforming or gender apathetic. Pura also used the pronouns they/them. They also started performing drag after seeing a female cosplayer’s Joker costume. In October 2017, Pura competed in her first drag competition, Nectar Nightclub Drag Cartel.

Pura Luka Vega Real name

Many individuals have searched for Pure Luke Vega’s real name on the internet. Their real name, according to numerous web sources, is Amadeus Fernando Pagente. Vega was born in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines on February 27, 1990.

Pura is best known by her professional drag nickname, Pura, rather than her first name. Not to mention that their name Pura was inspired by the nickname her friends gave her when they mocked her femininity. Pura Villanueva Kalaw, the Manila Carnival Queen, was also named after her. Luka, on the other hand, was a name they were happy to hear since saying it twice is a play on the Filipino phrase for a crazy person. Similarly, Vega is derived from American artist Suzanne Vega, who recorded a song called Luka.

Pura Luka Vega family

Pura Luka Vega was born in the Philippines to their parents. Luka was raised in a good family, but when it comes to private life, they are quite reserved. As a result, the identity of Vega’s father and mother is not publicly available. They also have a significant following on Instagram, where Pura has over 11 thousand followers. Pura updates her Facebook daily, but has yet to post a single post about their family members. Vega identifies as Roman Catholic, but is not religious. Pura is also the first bearded Filipina queen to appear on a Philippine televised drag competition program.

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Pura Luka Vega

Net worth of Pura Luka Vega

Pura Luka Vega retained a significant part of its wealth. So far, the media has not published any information about Pura’s wealth. Because of this, it is impossible to estimate the value of Vega. According to several online sources, Pura’s fortune is in six figures. Besides, Vega may be making good money as a drag artist. According to one online source, a drag artist earns an average of $32.16 per hour. Furthermore, Vega has been doing this for many years, and her earnings are considered to be higher than the national average. Meanwhile, since Pura is still active in this industry, their income will increase in the coming years.

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