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Almost all of today’s popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have a place for people to message and communicate with each other. Of course they’re handy enough for everyday use; Pulse SMS is a messaging app in its own right. It is completely independent from other social networks but still works extremely effectively. Mainly due to the unique and attractive feature that it brings. Who knows, when experiencing Pulse SMS, you will find it more interesting to use it than other social networks. To make this more reliable, I would recommend it to you.

The first is that using Pulse SMS is completely free, which is an advantage. It has all the basic features that a messaging app should have. The second possibility for Pulse SMS to take hold is near-perfect synchronization. Spread the word as you message friends and family. No matter how you send your content, they will be synced to devices other than smartphones, such as tablets, computers, smartwatches, etc.

Download Pulse SMS mod – Messaging application to enhance communication

The interface of Pulse SMS is quite similar to all other messaging apps. We will arrange the different contacts in order on the home screen. These contacts are phone numbers of people you know in your contacts. When you want to text, tap the contact. You will be taken to a message box just for you and others. Text them as usual and tell them about the app. But if that’s all it takes, the app is tedious. Let’s make something more interesting.

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Free Pulse SMS Module

Advanced features while texting

Not many popular messaging apps have these features compared to Pulse SMS. You can choose from beautiful and fun icons and stickers when texting with others. Whenever you want to find old messages that are long gone, do a keyword search and you will find them in no time. Easy and fast GIF upload. These elements make the conversation more lively and interesting for the other party. Change chat color for different contacts. You will instantly know who texted you in a different color.

pulse sms mod apk

Mark important contacts

How to distinguish where the contact numbers of relatives and friends are more special than other phone numbers? This is basic. Just pin those contacts. Their message box will immediately be in a different place that is easier to see than other numbers. All your usual contact information will appear directly on the home screen. Scroll down with your finger if you want to find the remaining numbers. Of course, Pulse SMS announces the birth dates of these contacts. Important holidays and anniversaries you set are also out of the notification scope.

Pulse SMS mod apk free

remove spam

Spam warnings are one of those annoying things that everyone goes through. One day, hundreds of spam emails will end up in your inbox. Knowing the inconvenience it causes to users, Pulse SMS has brought a much-needed feature. That is automatic spam removal. The system is based on the unknown contacts of the user and the content of the messages is slightly irrelevant or repetitive. It will then automatically collect these messages and delete them from the app. We have another helpful way to avoid trouble.

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Free SMS pulse

Pulse SMS serves users like real customers and is a valuable messaging app. Absolute protection of user data. Get rid of spam and annoying notifications. Create exciting events and announcements. If you are a text message heavy, you need to use Pulse SMS once.

Download Pulse SMS MOD APK for Android (Premium Unlocked)

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