Pillar or shadow? Take a visual test of what you see and find out if your connection is working properly

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On social media, in recent days, this has gone viral. visual personality test it will tell you what your strengths are. Pay attention to your fears by acknowledging what you see the first time you look at the lineup. Check out the image and then see the response to this image that was posted a few days ago. If you just stare, you’ll find both silhouettes, but keep only one, which will give you the answer closest to what you’re looking for.

to answer a visual personality test which will leave you speechless. Also, it can help you think just by paying attention to what you see. This chart is in all its glory, but we must warn you that you will need to consider a few things.

Several people have tried to answer this test, but very few have succeeded. A virus will push you to the limit, so pay attention to the main picture and respond accordingly.


Pillar or shadow? Take a visual test of what you see and find out if your connection is working properly. (Photo: Cool.Guru)


darkness of men

  • See first man This is a rough sign that you’ve been in your comfort zone for too long and aren’t inclined to seek out new perspectives in life to make better decisions about your options. You are looking for peace and this can lead you to monotony.
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four pillars

  • if you succeed observe the pillars, chances are it won’t be too hard for you to explore other horizons, make friends, try new experiences, and live life to the fullest. Just watch out for extremes! Both can do you a lot of damage.

What do you think of this visual quiz? Does it meet your expectations? Well, congratulations if you can learn more about yourself and your way of life or thinking. And if you don’t like it, don’t worry. In addition to this test, there is another virus between the trials and the challenges that will be to your liking. We encourage you to keep challenging yourself with these types of challenges. To do this, simply follow the following link: spread more in Depor, and ready. What are you waiting for?


According to analysts, a personality test is an experimental tool to measure or evaluate a certain psychological trait. This is why they have become so popular on social networks because, depending on the type (questionnaire, zoom and attitude), they will identify different characteristics that you may not have. know about yourself and your thoughts on things.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate experiences that shape our way of life, character, or character to face certain experiences on a daily basis. Within them are traumatic experiences that build up in our subconscious and flare up when we are faced with certain triggers.


Based on WikipediaThe first personality tests were developed in 1920 and were intended to facilitate the recruitment process, especially in the armed forces. Now, in this moment, many users from different parts of the world want to know more about their way of life, that is the purpose of these tests.

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Visual Quiz: Can you solve it in less than five seconds?Take a close look at the photos in this video and see if you can find the details they hide.

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