Personality Test: Your Walking Style Reveals These Hidden Personality Traits

Walking Personality Test: Your walking style can reveal a lot about your personality, just like your sleeping style, eye color, or even how you hold your phone. That is why first impressions are so important. One of the earliest studies into the relationship between walking style and personality was conducted by German-born psychologist Werner Wolff in 1935.

More recent studies have confirmed Wolff’s findings and have also found that walking style can be used to predict several personality traits such as dominance, sociability, and agreeableness. Research suggests that there is a clear link between walking style and personality and that it can be a useful way to learn more about yourself and others.

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If you are interested in learning more about your own walking style and what it says about your personality, pay attention to how you walk in your everyday life. You can also take a walking personality test online. These tests typically ask you questions about your walking style and then give you a personality profile based on your answers.

Before we dive deeper into different types of walking styles. We would like to answer one question: ‘Can I change my walking style?’

Yes, you can learn to change your walking style. In fact, some people deliberately change their walking style in order to project a certain image or to change the way they feel.

Personality Test: What Does Your Walking Style Say About You?


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#1 Slow Walking Personality Traits

slow walker personalityWhat does it mean if you are a slow walker?

If you walk slowly but confidently with your shoulders straight and your head held high, your personality traits reveal that you have a calm, charismatic, and fascinating personality. You exude such confidence in your walking style that people are drawn to your casual and carefree vibe. You will smile and greet people either with your eyes or aloud. You have a certain celeb vibe going on. You know people are watching you but you are not shy or scared to walk your path. You tend to inspire people knowingly or unknowingly to attain their full potential. You are social and friendly but it is not easy to become your friends. You enjoy new experiences but tend to get bored easily. You do not like people repeating the same mistakes. You would quietly cut them off from your life. You are not easy to win over especially if once you have been betrayed.

However, if you walk very slowly with your head held down, you may be introverted, worrisome, vulnerable, fearful, sad, and obsessing over things that went wrong in the past. You have a hard time being positive. You may also lack confidence and may look like a deadbeat with no proper grooming, etc.

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#2 Fast Walking Personality Traits

fast walker personalityWhat does it mean if you are a fast walker?

If you walk fast, your personality traits reveal that you have a go-getter attitude. You are extroverted, open to new experiences, and conscientious. You also tend to be speedy in the way you carry out your routine tasks. You are a friendly and sociable being who easily mixes up with new people without any shyness or hesitations. You are not afraid to take risks. You believe in reaching your goal as quickly as possible. You are bold and straightforward to put your thoughts or opinions fearlessly. You like to live your life free from interference or drama from other people. You are extremely active all the time due to high levels of energy and enthusiasm. You are always highly alert and ahead of the mediocre crowd.

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You sometimes may have a hard time matching pace or energy with people who think differently from you. However, you should learn to be accommodating or kind if they are not as fast as you. In everyday life, you are least bothered about the people around you or if they are looking at you. You walk quickly and confidently mostly focused on your own thoughts or looking at your phone. You are a thinker and an excellent problem-solver.

#3 Long Strides Walking Personality Traits

long strides walker personality

What is the personality of a person who takes long strides?

If you walk with long strides, your personality traits reveal that you are confident. You always like you have to get somewhere. Your walking style causes people to make way for you. You have a way of making people look at you with respect and hold you in high regard. You are passionate about your goals and beliefs. You are also good at defending your beliefs. You may at times come across as someone who is too intense and quick to anger.

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However, this is not entirely true. You have a strong judgement about what is wrong and what is right. You even go out of your way to protect people who are unable to take a stand for themselves. You can easily handle any situation with tact and intelligence. You are highly persistent in your way of doing things. However, with people you love and share a close bond, your inner child comes out.

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