Personality test: The season you choose reveals your most valuable personality traits

Personality test: Every person in the world has a unique personality as a result of nature, upbringing or both. No one really knows why we think or act the way we do. Why some people prefer apples to oranges or prefer black to red is an unsolved mystery.

However, one thing is certain. Your choices can say a lot about your personality. After all, personality is nothing more than an extended model of your choices and habits in life. Today we bring you such a fun and exciting personality test.

There are four main seasons in the world: summer, winter, spring and autumn. Look at the following picture and choose a season. Don’t think too much; Let your subconscious think.

Relax and try the quiz in a quiet environment. You will be surprised to learn that the season you choose reveals your most precious personality traits. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

The season you choose reveals your most precious personality traits!

Light and temperature directly affect your mood, thereby shaping your personality. Seasonal changes affect your circadian rhythms and your mind. There is scientific evidence why some people prefer winter, while others prefer summer. Your favorite season can positively or negatively affect your behavioral tendencies. Over time, it becomes an integral part of your personality.

Part #1: Summer

If summer is your season of choice, you are an adventurer. You have extroverted personality traits and like being outside. You love the warmth and energy that summer brings and live an active life. You are optimistic, dominant and very social. You are friendly and instantly impress everyone you meet. Your bubbly personality is contagious, but you can also be impulsive and short-tempered at times. Also, check out your boldest personality traits.

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Part #2: Winter

If you’re the type that likes winter and can’t stand the heat, chances are you’re a classic introvert. You’d rather stay indoors and soak in a warm blanket than get dressed and go out in the cold. You love curling up on the couch with a hot drink or a burning fire nearby to read or watch a movie. You are prone to melancholy, but you have a strong mind to get through it. You are reserved, quiet and value your privacy above all else. You don’t like people invading your privacy. However, you are very empathetic and caring. You are a loyal friend, a loving partner and generally a responsible person, though preferring to live like a traitor.

Part #3: Spring

Spring is considered to be one of the most beautiful seasons and that is when the most flowers bloom. If you choose spring, you are a creator. You cannot stand still and yearn for new experiences. You are creative, energetic and relaxed. You are also patient and forgiving. You love to learn and are always curious to acquire knowledge. You are a voracious reader and full of creative ideas. You like to influence others and you are also a good leader. Test your dominant personality traits based on your favorite drink.

Part #4: Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when summer passes and winter approaches. This is also when the trees shed their leaves, adorning the landscape with vibrant oranges and yellows. If you love autumn, you have a bold personality. You love taking risks and live a carefree life. You are a free spirit and want change. You love to move and always plan ahead. Settling down is not your cup of tea. You are also friendly, family and social oriented. You enjoy socializing with others and enjoying outdoor activities.

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