Patrick Mahomes’ Father Shares Details About His Relationship With Taylor Swift, Calls Her “Down to Earth”

Patrick Mahomes’ Father Pat Mahomes Talks About Dating Taylor Swift!

Since the 34-year-old Grammy winner began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, she has attended many Chiefs games and gotten to know the team and her loved ones.

Patrick, the Chiefs quarterback, is a good friend of Travis and his family has spent quality time with the singer.

In a new interview with the Kansas City media Starcade MediaPatrick’s father had many kind things to say about Taylor.

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“She’s down to earth,” he said. “I actually went up and introduced myself to her, and she said she knew who I was because she had seen the movie. Attack player series.” (He was referring to the 2023 Netflix documentary series starring his son.)

Pat noticed that Taylor took photos with all the members of the Mahomes family.

He called her “genuine” and added, “Every time I hang out with her, she acts like a normal person.”

The Kansas City Chiefs owner also recently spoke about Taylor’s relationship with Travis.

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