Outer Banks Season 3’s Major Death Explained (& How It Sets Up Season 4)

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Outer Banks season 3 included a massive death when one of the show’s most important characters died, setting the stage for a possible villain in season 4.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Outer Banks Part 3! Ward Cameron died in Outer bands Season 3 was one of the biggest events to take place in the finale, directly identifying Rafe as the main antagonist of season 4. The father and son have long been at the center of the film’s main conflict, so it’s no surprise to see that continue and create a split between them in the latest season. This includes Rafe hiring someone to kill his father, only to save Ward’s life at the last second. Although Cameron’s oldest son returned to help his father, he remained in the Outer Banks when Ward joined the Pogues in search of El Dorado.

This ends up being Outer bands The end of season 3 includes the death of Ward Cameron. After his suspended animation in season 2, the show offered a more permanent conclusion to the story of Rafe and Sarah’s father. After he tried to betray Pogues and take El Dorado for his own, Ward sacrificed himself to save Sarah. This included getting him multiple bullets in the chest and falling off the edge of a cliff. To Ward Cameron, it seemed a more definitive death, and an important one Outer bands Death in season 3 could be a way to establish a villain in season 4.

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Ward’s Outer Banks Part 3 Death Turns Rafe S4’s Main Villain

The Bund Part 3 Ward Cameron

Although Ward and Rafe rarely keep an eye on anything, their father Outer bands The death of Season 3 will have a huge impact on Rafe. He specifically asked the Pogue family to ensure his father’s safety when they left the Bund. While the children try to stop Ward from finding the real El Dorado, Rafe will only learn that Ward died in Orinoco. This would lead to Ward’s death being the catalyst for Raff to become an even bigger villain. In his view, Pogues broke his promise to keep his father safe, prompting him to seek revenge on them at all costs.

The impact of Ward’s death Outer bands Season 3 had a bigger impact on Rafe than season 4 due to recent events. Their relationship can be complicated, but for the most part Rafe just wants his father to approve and admit that he is proud of him. After being safely boarded a private jet, Ward finally made Rafe feel uncomfortable by telling Rafe that he was now in charge of the family business. If Rafe were alive, it would certainly have made Rafe more committed to making his father happier, so Ward’s death, which occurred shortly after, would not have gone well.

Rafe’s Outer Banks Arc makes him the main antagonist of the show

The Bund Part 3 Rafe Cameron

Based on Rafe’s arc in the first three seasons, it makes sense for him to be the main villain Outer bands Season 4. He’s always been a bigger threat to the Pogues, but now he’ll be out of Ward’s shadow. The likely outcome is that Rafe becomes completely insane as he wishes to get revenge on the Pogues even though they were not directly responsible for his death. If he learns that Ward died protecting Sarah in season 3, his anger towards them will even increase, which will only make his jealousy of Rafe worse. Outer bands Villains of season 4.

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