Only the smartest can spot 3 differences between the hen pictures in 9 seconds.

There are many ways to improve overall cognitive abilities, such as through exercise and solving puzzles. Now, doing exercises may get boring at one point in time; on the other hand, solving puzzles will never get monotonous. 

If you genuinely want to improve your observation skills and attention to detail, then you must solve at least one spot the difference puzzle daily. These puzzles challenge your vision, as finding differences between two almost identical images is pretty difficult. If you are curious to know how good your skills are, then try this spot the difference game we have ready for you today. Let’s go.

Spot 3 differences in 9 seconds

Source: Brain Gym International

In the above image, you can see two almost identical pictures of a mama hen standing with her adorable little chick. The mama hen is awake and vigilant whereas her chick is sleeping peacefully. Now, let’s stop fawning over the cuteness of the two images and get back to the puzzle at hand. Though the two pictures look indistinguishable, there are three differences hidden between the two. 

As you already know, you will get only 9 seconds to solve this spot the difference puzzle. You know the drill. Grab your phone or watch and set the timer to 9 seconds. Your time starts now. Star looking for the differences now. All the best. 

We have complete faith in you. You will be able to spot all of the differences within the given time. In case, you somehow fail to spot them all, then there is no need to worry. We will be providing the solution to this puzzle at the bottom. But, we’d like to ask you not to cheat. 

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Spot the differences by yourself, no matter how long it takes and scroll down to the solution to check whether or not you have guessed the solution right.

Spot the difference solution

Here are the three differences between the two hen pictures. See them for yourself:


Source: Brain Gym International 

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