One Of Hitchcock’s Top-Rated Movies To Get A TV Adaptation From Scream Creator


  • Kevin Williamson, known for his work in horror films, is developing a TV adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film
    rear window
    adding his own suspenseful twist to the classic story.
  • This will be the third major remake of the thriller, with previous TV remakes receiving mixed reviews, and this one starring Shia LaBeouf
    fared better both with critics and at the box office.
  • With Williamson’s history of delivering exciting twists and building suspense, his modern retelling of the story
    rear window
    By introducing multiple suspects for a new investigation, it keeps the audience guessing.

Nearly 70 years after the film’s critically acclaimed release, Alfred Hitchcock’s rear window is getting a new TV adaptation. Adapted from the short story “This Must Be Murder,” this 1954 thriller follows a photographer trapped in his apartment as he recovers from a broken leg and struggles to prove his innocence after witnessing suspicious activity. One of the neighbors is the murderer. The film received a near-perfect 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and remains one of the highest-rated films in the history of Hitchcock’s acclaimed films.

deadline Now the news has been brought scream Creator Kevin Williamson is developing a TV adaptation rear window.The project is one of four he’s working on through his new deal with Universal Television, others include an adaptation of it girlsa named seaside and David Fincher’s adaptation game. Unlike other projects, rear window “Peacock” has settled in “Peacock”, which indicates that the adaptation of Hitchcock’s classic works will accelerate.

Why Williamson is perfect for Rear Window

Interestingly, Williamson’s upcoming TV show will mark Alfred Hitchcock’s third major reprise rear window.The thriller was remade for television in 1998, including the iconic Superman Actor Christopher Reeve filled the void of James Stewart’s original role, which received mixed reviews from critics but earned Reeve a Golden Globe nomination.The other is led by Shia LaBeouf disturbAlthough the literary agent behind the original short story believed in its alleged copyright infringement, the book fared better with critics and was a box office hit.

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The case was ultimately dismissed by a U.S. District Court, citing similarities between the two
The original short story was ”
Substantial similarity within the meaning of copyright law

very similar disturbWilliamson’s history in horror films before Christopher Landon not only makes him a promising choice for new horror films rear window Adaptation, but his most popular work shows that it can get a lot scarier.Mainly known for iconic horror film series such as scream and I know what you did last summerWilliamson often shows a strong grasp of building suspense with his stories while introducing compelling characters for the audience to follow.

Furthermore, the detective story formula scream Williamson brings more interesting prospects to franchise rear window Back to the screen. Much of the original film’s plot focuses squarely on the protagonist knowing who the suspect is and trying to prove it, but since the screenwriter often delivered exciting twists in his previous projects, his modern retelling will likely keep viewers guessing further , through multiple teases that the new leader will investigate.


rear window

Available to stream on the Criterion Channel.

Source: Deadline

rear window

“Rear Window” is a 1954 classic film by director Alfred Hitchcock. The film centers on photographer LB Jefferies (James Stewart), who claims he saw a neighbor commit a murder after spying on them. The film was nominated for four Oscars and was unsuccessfully remade as a television movie in 1998 starring Christopher Reeves.

Release date September 1, 1954

Actors Thelma Ritter James Stewart Wendell Corey Grace Kelly Raymond Burr

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Film length: 112 minutes

Screenplay by John Michael Hayes

Budget $1 million

studio paramount pictures

DistributorParamount Pictures

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