OceanGate Submersible’s Oxygen Levels Thought To Be Running Out Today, Coast Guard Provides Update on Rescue Efforts as Victor 6000 Arrives on Scene

The OceanGate Expeditions submersible en route to the Titanic wreckage site has now been missing for four days, and fears are growing that the 5 passengers aboard could have already run out of oxygen.

It’s unclear what might have happened to the sub in the depths of the ocean. There are theories that range from the sub possibly having imploded due to some kind of leak in the hull, or perhaps the sub got caught in a piece of the Titanic wreckage. There was some hope that perhaps the passengers were alive after “banging sounds” were heard near the wreck site.

While we don’t know what happened, there have been numerous updates that say the missing sub would only have 96 hours of oxygen for the five passengers aboard, according to Reuters. Mathematically, this means that the submarine would have run out of oxygen at this point. However, nothing has been declared at this time. In fact, the US Coast Guard is still treating this like a search and rescue mission.

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Rear Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard told the Guardian that this is “still an active search and rescue”.

“We continue to keep the crew members and the families in our thoughts as we proceed with this search and rescue while we’re cognizant of the time and we’ve factored in a lot of data and information into the search,” he continued. “This is still an active search and rescue at this point and we’re using the equipment that we have on the bottom right now, the remote operated vehicles to expand our search capability, and then also to provide rescue capability as well.”

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CNN revealed that a dive-related medical team has arrived on site and a hyperbaric chamber is also on site.

The French research ship Atalante also arrived on scene on Thursday (June 22) to deploy the Victor 6000. According to the BBC, the Victor 6000 is a “submersible capable of reaching sea bed and transmitting images to surface.”

“The Victor 6000 also has two mechanical arms which can carry out extremely delicate manoeuvres such as cutting or removing debris,” the site continued.

The public still has not been updated on the amount of oxygen they believe could be left or if officials believe the passengers might still be alive.

Our continued thoughts are with the 5 passengers on the OceanGate Expeditions submersible, as well as their loved ones. We will continue updating as we learn more information.

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