NZ Billy Guyton’s Obituary: How Did He Die? Rugby Player Cause Of Death

NZ The death of Billy Guyton has been one of the most discussed topics in recent hours. As news of Billy Guyton’s death spread in New Zealand, people couldn’t help but mourn his family. Billy Guyton was a famous New Zealand rugby player who excelled as a half-forward.

He spent most of his career in Tasman, where he quickly became a fan favourite. Guyton previously represented North Otago in the Heartland tournament, appearing in 29 games. Before the 2013 ITM Cup season he headed north to join Tasman Mak. However, on 15 May 2023, it was announced that the rugby extraordinaire had passed away at the age of 33. While the circumstances behind his sad death have not yet been revealed, his passing shocked the rugby world. The death of such a bright young athlete saddened fans and teammates, and his family and loved ones are definitely grieving. Guyton’s legacy will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him as the rugby world mourns the passing of one of its own.

Billy Guyton’s cause of death and obituaries in New Zealand: How did he die?

Billy Guyton, a well-known rugby player who represented the Tasman, North Otago and Mori All Blacks, died on 15 May 2023 aged 33. The exact cause of his death has yet to be determined, and it is not known whether it was suicide or an accident. Guyton’s untimely death surprised and saddened the rugby community. Many of his former teammates and opponents expressed sympathy and paid tribute to his career on social media. The Tasman Rugby Union also issued a statement expressing its condolences to Guyton’s family and friends.

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Guyton had a successful rugby career, playing for various New Zealand teams. He played three years for North Otago in the Heartland Championship before joining Tasman Mak for the 2013 ITM Cup season. The athlete was also selected to play for the Mori All Blacks, a team made up of the best Maori players in New Zealand. Guyton’s untimely death is a tragedy for the rugby community as well as his family, friends and loved ones. All who knew him will remember him as a brilliant and respected athlete.

The career of Billy Guyton

After a good season with Tasman Mak, Billy Guyton signed with the Hurricanes for the 2014 Super Rugby season. However, his playing time with the Hurricanes was limited and he was initially released for the 2015 season. Following a season-ending injury to Willie Heinz, the Crusaders signed Guyton as his replacement for the remainder of the 2015 Super Rugby season.

Billy Guyton

Despite playing for the Crusaders the following season, Guyton saw limited action. As a result, he signed with the Blues for the 2016 season, becoming his third Super Rugby side in as many years. Guyton’s outstanding ability earned him a place in the Mori All Blacks squad for their end-of-year Northern Hemisphere tour in October 2016. Furthermore, he played at full-back and on the wing for New Zealand’s Heartland XV, showing his flexibility as a player.

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