Nicolas Cage Reportedly In Talks For Live-Action Spider-Man Noir Show


  • Nicolas Cage reportedly in talks to star in live-action version
    black spider man
    show, possibly reprising his role from the anime
  • Despite previous reports of a role change, Cage is reportedly in serious talks to play a ’30s detective version of the Marvel online hero.
  • Sony has yet to respond to inquiries about Cage’s involvement in the project, which is still in development.

Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to star in the live-action version, despite previous reports that the project’s character has changed black spider man exhibit.Cage brings alternate versions of Marvel heroes to life for the first time Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, one of the many early variants that helped Miles Morales become a hero.Although Noir appeared at the last moment Traveling through the Spider-Man universearchival audio was used for Cage’s return, which ended up in Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Just over a year after the show was first announced to be in development, ankle Cage is reportedly in serious talks to star in live-action version black spider man exhibit. The star is said to be in talks to reprise his role in the anime. Spider-Verse The character in the movie is a gray-haired detective version of Marvel’s Spider-Man from the 1930s. screen roar We reached out to Sony for comment but have not heard back as of this writing.

Cage starring in ‘Spider-Man Noir’ will mark his career debut

Although it has not been officially confirmed by major sources at the time of writing, Cage’s potential return black spider man This marks an interesting change from what has been shared about the show so far. Initial announcements indicated that the live-action project would not center on Peter Parker, in which Cage voices. Enter the Spider-Verse, seemingly opening the door for other actors to take over. While it could be explained that he’s playing a different version of the same hero, his work developing Parker for the animated film could be compromised by him playing someone else.

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However, if he does return as Parker or some other variant, it would mark an interesting career for Cage playing the lead in any capacity on a TV show.Previously, the Oscar winner’s only major TV credit was as host of the Netflix show The history of swearing documentary, ultimately playing a fictional character on screen.Although he originally debuted in a television pilot best of times Along with Crispin Glover, Cage, in addition to hosting and guest-starring on ” saturday night live.

Cage expected to star in live-action version black spider man Not only was this show an interesting change of pace for him, but it was also a promising sign that it was reaching critical heights Spider-Verse If he does sign, watch the film.Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have joined the show as producers; 22 Jump Street With co-screenwriter Oren Uziel on board as lead writer, its potential to capture the same unique energy of the Oscar-winning first film and Oscar-nominated sequel seems great.

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