NFL Referee’s Broken Voice Goes Viral During Chiefs/Ravens Game

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens met in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, January 28. With a trip to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next month on the line, all eyes were on the star-studded showdown. But much of the talk surrounding the title game had nothing to do with the action on the field. An NFL official’s voice noticeably cracked during the contest. Twitter users had fun trolling him.

“I know this referee is being a clown in the referee group chat. [right now]”said one user.

“Give that referee some soup,” said another user.

“I’m sure the ref has a cold or something, but having your voice break while announcing a taunt is a tough look,” ESPN analyst Mina Kimes tweeted.

“This poor referee. His voice is gone,” said another user.

Tony Romo is clowned during the AFC championship

Of course, this being the AFC Championship Game, there were several viral moments during the contest. One of those moments came in the first half when the Chiefs forced Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to turn the ball over. That prompted a peculiar response from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo, who is now an NFL analyst on CBS, stressed the importance of protecting the ball.

“In games like this, the ball matters more than any other game.” he said.

But the ball is equally important in any soccer game. Fan let Romo listen to him after the call.

“Statements like this explain why watching the game in silence is the right decision when Romo is in charge of the game. “I wonder when CBS will start regretting the 10-year contract they gave them,” one user tweeted.

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“He just doesn’t have anything. “I don’t know what CBS can do if that’s all they have to say,” another added.

“Christ Almighty, Romo,” said another.

Ravens lineman receives heavy fine

After Lamar Jackson scored a game-winning touchdown last week, Ravens offensive lineman Morgan Moses celebrated in epic fashion.

The Ravens offensive lineman grabbed a camera from one of the NFL photographers during the touchdown celebration.

Unfortunately for Moses, it is against the NFL’s code of conduct to use props in any form. So the Ravens offensive lineman was fined $13,659 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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