Neymar Apologizes to Pregnant Girlfriend Bruna Biancardi for ‘Mistakes’ Amid Cheating Reports

Neymar is issuing an apology.

The 31-year-old Brazilian soccer player shared an apology to his 29-year-old pregnant girlfriend Bruna Biancardi, who is expecting their first child, amid cheating reports.

“I do this for both of you and your family,” he wrote on Instagram. (Translation via E! News.)

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“Justify the unjustifiable. No need to. But I need you in OUR lives.”

“I saw how much you were exposed, how much you suffered with all of this and how much you want to be by my side. And I stand beside you,” he continued.

Noting that he did “wrong,” Neymar went on to explain that “all of this hit one of the most special people in my life,” going on to say that Bruna is “the woman I dreamed of following beside me, mother of my child.”

“Bru, I already apologized for my mistakes, for unnecessary exposure, but I feel obligated to come publicly reaffirm that. If a private matter has become public, the apology has to be public.”

He added he’ll “try” hard to make their relationship work.

“Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win. Our love for each other will make us stronger.”

Bruna has not publicly responded to Neymar‘s apology.

Another big star also apologized recently amid rumors of infidelity.

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