Ncuti Gatwa says ‘sex education’ helped her ‘undo a lot of internalized hate’

Ncuti Gatwa remembers her role on Netflix Sex education.

speaking to she Magazine, the 30-year-old actor revealed that his role as Eric helped him “cure” internalized hate.

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Ncuti told the outlet that playing Eric “undid a lot of the internalized hatred I had.”

“I have experienced racism my entire life and although I always believed in myself, I always knew [racists] “They were stupid and uneducated,” he continued. “I guess it misinformed my view of how the world works. It makes you think that everyone has that opinion and that you will have to constantly fight throughout life; then you learn that it is not like that: you can find a tribe, you can find your people.”

He also praised showrunner Laurie Nunn for the role.

“He is so fierce and brazen. It was healing for me and great for people to see themselves represented. He taught me the importance of representation: it is very powerful and necessary.”

Sex educationThe final season of will premiere on September 21.

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