‘Naked Attraction’ contestant reveals how a man on the show took her to the hospital

an ex naked attractionA contestant talks about the time her ‘well-endowed’ date sent her to the hospital…

Tracy Kiss was 28 years old when she first appeared on the Channel 4 reality series in 2016. On the show, Kiss had to choose between five potential matches based solely on their naked bodies that were on display.

During the episode, Kiss expressed her desire to have a “well-endowed” partner because she had recently given birth to two children. Kiss confessed to feeling self-conscious about the changes her body had experienced after embracing motherhood.


He finally chose Mark Redfearn, 21, a naked attraction contestant who welcomed Kiss’s natural body and made sure he had no reason to doubt his attraction to her. However, the two dated for about a year before breaking up.

The reason? Well, Kiss admits that he bit off a lot more than he could chew, which made things difficult for them in the bedroom.

“It definitely helps to have that extra package,” he said during a highlight edition of the show.


“It took me to the hospital several times because of it, but I’m fine. “I actually experienced internal bleeding, just because he’s ridiculously well-endowed,” Kiss explained.

Kiss also claims that the couple spent “every day” laughing together and chatting on the phone, adding that they “wasted so many days spent in bed.”

“Mark was a very good choice for me, he was the perfect person,” Kiss said.

While Kiss and Redfearn parted ways amicably, this should be a reminder that bigger isn’t always better.

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