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Mukhtiyar Panghali is a Canadian citizen who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife Manjeet Panghali on 18 October 2006. Manjeet Panghali was four months pregnant at the time of the murder. Her charred body was found on a remote beach along the Deltaport Causeway in South Delta, Canada, five days after she went missing. The couple had a three-year-old daughter when Mukhtiyar murdered Manjeet Panghali.

Manjeet Panghali with his three year old daughter Maya.

Manjeet Panghali with his three year old daughter Maya.


Mukhtiyar Panghali was born in 1972 (age 50 years; as of 2022).

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black

Eye colour: black

mukhtiyar panghali


parents and siblings

The names of his parents are not known. He has a brother named Sukhwinder Panghali.

Mukhtiyar Panghali's brother, Sukhwinder Panghali

Mukhtiyar Panghali’s brother, Sukhwinder Panghali

wife and children

Mukhtiyar Panghali was married to Manjeet Panghali. She was a primary school teacher in Surrey, Canada.

Mukhtiyar Panghali with Manjeet Panghali

Mukhtiyar Panghali with Manjeet Panghali

The couple has a daughter named Maya.

Maya Panghali, daughter of Mukhtiyar Panghali

Maya Panghali, daughter of Mukhtiyar Panghali

murder of manjeet panghali

In 2006, Mukhtiyar Panghali was working as a physics teacher at Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey. His wife, Manjeet Panghali, went missing on 18 October 2006. She was last seen attending a prenatal yoga class in Surrey, Canada. Mukhtiyar Panghali lodged a missing complaint about his wife twenty-six hours after she went missing. Five days later, her badly burned body remains were found on a remote beach along the Deltaport Causeway in South Delta, Canada.

media conference

After Manjeet’s disappearance, Mukhtiar Panghali was seen in several media conferences crying for his missing wife and appealing for her safe return soon.

Mukhtiar Panghali during a media conference

Mukhtiar Panghali during a media conference

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autopsy report

The postmortem report said that Manjeet was first strangled to death and then his body was taken to Delta Beach to be burnt.

to arrest

Canadian police detained Manjeet Panghali in March 2007 based on surveillance evidence that revealed Mukhtiar had purchased a lighter and a newspaper from a local store on the night his wife went missing. After Manjeet’s death, Mukhtiar used her phone and later lied about it during the investigation.


Initially during the court proceedings, Mukhtiar Panghali claimed that he was not guilty of murder. But, Mukhtiyar later confessed that he murdered his wife Manjeet Panghali because he had negative feelings towards her.

strong belief

Mukhtiyar Panghali was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for fifteen years by Justice Heather Holmes in January 2011. The BC Supreme Court in New Westminster found him guilty of second-degree murder and tampering with a dead body in 2010. Shortly after the verdict, Crown prosecutor Dennis Murray stated Manjit Panghali’s theory of the murder as follows,

The teacher murdered his wife as she returned home from a prenatal yoga class, pretended to search her car in Whaley, burned her body on a remote beach along the Deltaport Causeway in South Delta, and then killed her Delayed as long as possible. File a missing person’s report with Surrey RCMP.”

custody of daughter

Manjeet and Mukhtiar’s family members fought a protracted legal battle for the custody of the couple’s only daughter, Maya, soon after Mukhtiar was sentenced to life imprisonment by the British Columbia Supreme Court in 2011. The court gave his custody to Manjeet’s sister Jasmine Bhambhra, who lives in Canada with her husband and three biological children. Soon after getting the custody of the child, Jasmine Bhambra said in a media conference that she experienced the toughest time of her life when she was fighting for the custody of Manjeet’s daughter. He said,

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The custody battle was horrible and very painful, having to relive the trauma. It was terrifying to see his face all the time. It was the most difficult time of my life.”

Jasmine Bhambra (Manjeet's sister) is on the left and Maya is second from the right

Jasmine Bhambra (Manjeet’s sister) is on the left and Maya is second from the right

compensatory damages

Mukhtiyar appealed against his conviction order twice, once in 2012 and again in 2014; However, his appeals were rejected both times. In 2014, Manjeet Panghali’s family members applied for compensation under the Family Compensation Act on behalf of Manjeet’s ten-year-old daughter Maya. Soon, Maya was compensated more than half a million dollars by her father upon the death of her mother, Manjeet Panghali. The BC Supreme Court judge’s order read as follows,

The court’s award is $555,000 and includes $172,000 for loss of future support and child care, $129,000 for past loss of support and child care, $54,700 for loss of the daughter’s dependency on her mother, $54,700 for loss of future dependency $165,000 for damages and $35,000 for damages. Guidance. An additional $58,600 will be set aside for public guardian and trustee fees.

teaching restrictions

In February 2014, the British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch banned Mukhtiyar Panghali from teaching for twenty-five years. When this notice was issued to him, he was serving life imprisonment for the murder of his four-month pregnant wife. The notice read as follows,

(Panghali’s) actions are completely inconsistent with the standards expected of teachers, and to reaffirm that teachers are held to high standards of ethical conduct that supports public confidence in the profession as a whole.

undamaged leaves

The BC Supreme Court and the Parole Board of Canada granted Mukhtiar Panghali unsecured leave from prison in October 2021. Under the holidays, they were allowed to meet their family members and engage in social activities. However, the court also issued notice regarding the leaves as well as the mental health conditions of Mukhtiyar Panghali. It says Mukhtiar is still at high risk of violence against an intimate partner. The court said,

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The psychologist explained that if you commit another violent crime in the future it will probably be related to not managing negative emotions in the context of intimate relationships.

The Parole Board of Canada further said that Mukhtiar will not have contact with Manjeet’s family members and the couple’s daughter Maya. The terms further state,

Under the terms of his release, Panghali cannot consume drugs or alcohol and must report any intimate relationships, as well as friendships with women.

Facts/General Knowledge

  • Mukhtiyar and Manjeet’s investment property and marital home were sold by the court for more than $260,000 amid the court proceedings in the murder case of Manjeet Panghali. Both families of the couple claimed the amount of the property in court immediately after the sale.
  • After the murder of Manjeet Panghali, police investigation revealed that one of the neighbors of Manjeet and Mukhtiyar’s family claimed that there was a dispute between Manjeet Panghali and his brother-in-law Sukhwinder Panghali. The neighbor narrated,

    They kicked out brother-in-law and it felt like I got my house back.”

  • A web series based on the married life and murder of Manjeet Panghali was released on Discovery Plus channel in March 2022. The title of the web series is ‘Till Death Do Us Part: The Murder of Manjeet Basra’.
    Poster of web series based on the life and death of Manjeet Panghali

    Poster of web series based on the life and death of Manjeet Panghali

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