‘Moonlighting’ Creator Glenn Gordon Caron Shares Update on Bruce Willis Following FTD Dementia Diagnosis

We get a new update on how Bruce Willis is doing following his dementia diagnosis.

Earlier this year, the 68-year-old actor’s family announced that he had been diagnosed with a form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia. The family had announced Bruce’s previous aphasia diagnosis and retirement in March 2022.

In a new interview, Bruce’s old friend Glenn Gordon Caron, who is also the creator of the ’80s ABC sitcom. Moonlightingshared a new update on how Bruce is doing.

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while talking to The chargeGlenn, 69, says he has tried to visit Bruce almost every month since he was first diagnosed with aphasia.

“I’m not always that good, but I try and talk to him and his wife. [Emma Heming Willis] and I have a casual relationship with his three oldest children,” Glenn shared. “I’ve tried really hard to stay in his life.”

Glenn continued: “What makes [his disease] so amazing it is [that] If you’ve ever spent time with Bruce Willis, there’s no one who has more joie de vivre than him. He loved life and…just loved waking up every morning and trying to live life to the fullest.”

While Glenn knows that Bruce is still the same person deep down, he said it’s now like Bruce is “seeing life through a screen door.”

“My feeling is that between one and three minutes he knows who I am. “It’s not totally verbal,” Glenn explained. “He used to be a voracious reader (he didn’t want anyone to know) and now he doesn’t read. “All those language skills are no longer available to him, and yet he is still Bruce.”

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“When you’re with him you know it’s Bruce and you’re grateful he’s there,” Glenn noted, “but the joy of life is gone.”

However, before Bruce’s condition worsened, Glenn said he was able to tell him that Moonlighting will stream on Hulu.

“I know he’s very happy that the show is available to people, although he can’t tell me that,” Glenn shared. “When I spent time with him, we talked about it and I know he’s excited.”

“The process [to get Moonlighting onto Hulu] “It’s taken quite a while and Bruce’s illness is a progressive illness, so I was able to communicate with him, before the illness made him as uncommunicative as he is now, about hoping to get the show back in front of people.” Glenn explained. “I know it means a lot to him.”

In another recent interview, Bruce’s wife Emma asked if Bruce is fully aware of his diagnosis.

The five seasons of Moonlighting They are now available to stream on Hulu.

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