Michelle Williams Weighs In On Destiny’s Child Reunion, Talks Final Group Album

Michelle Williams opened up about the future of Destiny’s Child and revealed her thoughts on a potential reunion.

The hitmaker was part of the final lineup of the iconic girl group, which announced plans to break up in 2005 after releasing their album Destiny Fulfilled. At the time, the lineup also featured Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

During a recent interview, Michelle looked back on the end of the trio and revealed what she recalled of the time. She also shared an alternative plan that she would have preferred to disbanding.

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While on The Terrell Show, Michelle explained that she was surprised by the end of Destiny’s Child.

“I don’t know if we wanted it to be the last album. But that’s the way it is,” she said, explaining that she was unaware that the group would not be releasing another album at the time.

In fact, she proposed another plan that would have allowed the group to explore solo careers: “If it was up to me, we’d still be flip-flopping. We’d still be group, solo, group, solo.”

That doesn’t mean that the door was totally shut on a reunion. In fact, Michelle was “quite positive that should we and want to do [another] one, I know the door is open for us to do that.”

Just a few weeks ago, another member of the group weighed in on if a Destiny’s Child reunion was possible and in the cards.

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