Matt Rife Jokes He’ll ‘Fuck’ His Girlfriend’s Gay Brother If She Breaks Up With Him

Matt Rife already has a plan to get revenge on his girlfriend if she ever breaks up with him… and it involves his gay brother.

The 27-year-old comedian, who is dating actress Jessica Lord, opened up about his plans during an episode of the show. First date show podcast.

Matt was asked, “Have you ever been attracted to one of your partner’s brothers? Or his mother?

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He replied: “Probably! Not that I can particularly think outside my head, but probably.”

Matt continued: “My girlfriend now has a gay brother and I always joke with her, ‘If you break up with me, I’m going to screw your brother.’ He is a very handsome gay boy. I’m like, I like my odds. That would be my revenge if he ever broke up with me, for sure.”

Did you see the exciting news Matt announced last week?

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