Madonna falls off her chair and falls backwards on stage during a concert in Seattle

It wasn’t the performance she was expecting, with Madonna reportedly falling out of her chair and falling backwards while on stage during her show at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena over the weekend.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred while Madonna was singing Open your heart during the performance on Sunday, February 18. It was the last night of their Celebration Tour.

While sitting on his hair, one of the music icon’s dances tilts him backwards. However, they ended up losing control and sent the singer to the ground.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, had an awkward moment when one of her dancers accidentally dropped her at a live show in Seattle.

The musical icon fell during his second concert held in that city, taking the fall with humor and laughing with the dancers.…

—Telemicro News (@NTelemicro5) February 19, 2024

After lying on the ground for a second, Madonna thankfully got back up. She then told the crowd: “Shit, I forgot the words.” She finally continued and finished the program without any further problems.

Fans quickly took to X to share their thoughts on the incident. “It’s impressive how she recovered quickly and woke up with a smile,” said one fan. wrote. “Madonna is known for her resilience and dedication to her performances.”

“Even with a little stumble, she keeps going and puts on a great show. She just proves that even the biggest stars can have their moments, but they always know how to handle them like a pro.”

Another fan added: “It’s impressive how Madonna handled it with a smile and kept performing. She is a great professional!

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Lionel Richie wants Madonna to replace Katy Perry on ‘America Idol’

Days after Katy Perry announced her departure from American Idol, Lionel Richie has revealed that Madonna is one of his top choices to be a judge on the long-running television competition.

During his appearance in Jimmy Kimmel live! it was suggested that american idol It should be limited to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to replace Perry. Richie quickly came up with the idea that the material girl The singer should take on the role.

“Wow. Madonna, if you’re listening… call me,” Richie stated. “We have to call.”

YouTube video

Richie then talked about american idol and how the production team is silent about Perry’s replacement. “This is a great show, and what I like most of all is that we’re artists, so we know what we’re talking about.”

“And these kids are scared to death. So I love sitting there as the wise pooh-pas of the three of us, and we’re sitting there, and we’re all giving out information that we know is real.”

Discussing what traits would be needed to replace Perry, Richie added: “So whoever comes on the show has to be good. [compared to] Katy, you always have to be funny. And also, informed.”

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