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It is often said that love can bind everything, even inanimate objects. For the game Love Balls, this may be true. Just a simple puzzle game, but you still need to squeeze your brain to solve the math problems. The process of putting two artificial balls together was a skill that unintelligent people could not solve. As simple as that but has been downloaded and played by more than 100 million people. What led to the success of these two ball adventures?

Love Balls is exactly a puzzle game with a simple design. When you touch the screen, your hand acts like a pen. From there begins an exciting puzzle process of matching two balls together. Open new levels with many difficulties. It is because of the many challenges of the levels that Love Balls is loved by many people. In addition, due to the simplicity of this game, it can be played anywhere and anytime.

Download Love Balls Mod – Use wisdom to bring each other closer

Your finger will act as a pen in the game. In the game screen, our task is to put the blue and pink balls together. The level is considered completed only when the two balls touch each other. This is certainly not an easy challenge. The levels in Love Balls are really an intellectual challenge for gamers. The higher the level, the harder it will be. You have to use all your gray matter to match two balls together. Overcome the many obstacles and dangerous traps that separate the two.

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As mentioned earlier, the player’s finger will act as a bridge between two balls by moving his finger across the screen to create shots. The strokes will become hard and fixed, creating some kind of terrain. Depending on how you draw them, they will still obey the laws of physics. If you draw a ramp, the ball will roll down. If you paint a wall, everything will be blocked. Both create unlimited creativity for the player to complete the challenge in any way.

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change the style of humor

The basic shape of the ball is pure blue and pink. However, you can always change their appearance if you want. Switch to the pirate stage style. Dream of a unicorn with a silly face. Even more unique are the ancient pharaohs. New skins will be updated from time to time. So each level will have a new color for you to enjoy. Although not too special, it still leaves many interesting experiences and images. You will have more motivation to bring the two balls together.

Love Ball Mod

New levels every week

Although released for a long time, Love Balls is still very popular and is updated weekly. Probably because the number of players is still large and crowded. Along with the update, many new levels have been added. Needless to say compared to the quality and difficulty, it must be said that it is even more terrible. In Love Balls, you have no shortage of challenges. Solve the problem of how to bring two balls together. Each difficulty terrain has its own difficulty level. If there is a small mistake, it is a complete failure. But you can try as many times as you like.

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Love Balls mod free

Many hidden lessons are hidden

I don’t think it’s just a simple puzzle game with no content. Love Balls has taught us many lessons about attachment and persistence in maintaining relationships. It turns out that no matter how difficult and troublesome, with the intelligence and resourcefulness of the player can still achieve two goals. This proves that when we love each other, we will do anything to be with our other half. No matter how difficult the road, no matter how difficult it is. Only wisdom and faith can overcome all.

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Through the positive reviews of many players, it can be seen that Love Balls is well-deserved as a complete puzzle game. Although the external content is not much, the meaning is far-reaching. Players can still feel them anywhere on the game screen. Love Balls blocks are both great for stress relief and relaxing puzzles.

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