Loretta Bowersock Wikipedia, Net Worth, Background, Age

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Loretta Bowersock Wikipedia, Net Worth, Background, Age

Loretta Bowersock Wikipedia, Net Worth, Background, Age – Loretta Bowersock believed she had found the man of her dreams in Taw Benderly, but the investigation in A Mother’s Secret reveals that he had a murky past and a violent side that was kept hidden.

Loretta Bowersock Wikipedia, Net Worth, Background, Age

Loretta Bowersock, 69, of Tempe, Arizona, went missing on December 14 while travelling to Tucson, Arizona, with her longtime lover Taw Benderly.

At first, there weren’t many leads for investigators to follow in relation to the missing wealthy entrepreneur. When Bowersock was dropped off at the neighbourhood mall while they were travelling to Tucson, Benderly said he hadn’t seen her since. There were no witnesses to her disappearance, and a check of the neighbourhood turned up no signs of anything suspicious.

Benderly didn’t start becoming uncooperative until later in the month, and just before Christmas Day, he surprised everyone by killing himself by hanging in the garage of the house he had lived with Bowersock.

Despite the fact that he left no traces behind, this led authorities to think right away that he was somehow connected to Bowersock’s disappearance. Her daughter informed the local media that she planned to spend the holidays searching for her mother in a location that psychics had advised.

Terri had to wait two years before her mother’s body was finally discovered. A couple discovered some bones that turned out to be Bowersock’s in 2006 while they were out in the remote desert digging for rocks.

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She had perished with a plastic bag put down her throat and over her head, and her body had been buried 18 feet beneath the surface. She had most certainly been choked to death, according to a forensic analysis, and officers thought she had likely been murdered in her own house.

Benderly was revealed to have served time in prison and to have been abandoned by his own family. About 18 years earlier, when he first met Bowersock, the self-described inventor had only recently been let out of jail. The couple’s relationship was tumultuous when they were dating, and they eventually ran up significant debt. In a later novel titled Bones in the Desert, author Jana Bommersback wrote about the incident.

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