List of the youngest countries in the world

The youngest countries in the world: Do you know about new nations and how they are formed? Check out this article to learn more about the youngest countries in the world.

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All about the youngest nations in the world

All about the youngest nations in the world

List of youngest countries in the world: The United Nations currently recognizes the world as a union of 193 countries plus two observer states. Over time, new nations were added to the list. These new nations often arise as a result of the division or dissolution of an old one. Or, new nations are previously occupied territories that have achieved independence from their mother or host nation and established themselves as independent states. South Sudan, which separated from Sudan in 2011, is the newest country in the world as of early 2022.

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List of the top 10 youngest countries

The United Nations has officially recognized 34 new nations in the last 40 years, which is widely seen as the last requirement for a fully functioning nation. The list below is based on the country’s year of independence.

S. no


Year of independence



South Sudan


10.75 million (2021)


of Montenegro

in 2006

619 211 (2021)



in 2006

7,149,077 million (2023)



in 2002

1,360,596 million (2023)



in 1995

4,008,617 million (2023)



in 1994

18,058 million (2023)


Czech Republic

in 1993

10827529.00 million (2023)



in 1993

3,748,901 million (2023)



in 1993

5,795,199 million (2023)


Bosnia and Herzegovina

in 1992

3,210,847 million (2023)

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Facts about the youngest countries

  • According to statistics, the Republic of Nauru, a small island nation in Oceania, has the highest rate of overweight people in the world.

  • Ladonia in southern Sweden is a 1 square kilometer plot of land enclosed in a nature reserve. The sound of a stone thrown into the sea serves as the national anthem.

  • China has one time zone that is 4,800 kilometers long and is also known as Chinese Standard Time.

  • Yonge Street in Canada is the longest street in the world with 1,896 kilometers.

  • In 1893, New Zealand became the first independent country to give women the right to vote. Australia, a neighboring country, followed two years later.

  • Russia produces the most oxygen for the planet due to its vast forested areas.

  • Spanish is the official language of Guatemala, but 22 indigenous languages ​​of the Maya, Xinca and Garifuna peoples are also recognized.

  • The country that annually consumes the most chocolate is Switzerland, where each person eats around 10 kilograms of chocolate.

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  • Canada is home to more than 60% of the world’s lakes, including the Great Lakes: Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

  • In reality, French Polynesia, a French colony in the South Pacific Ocean, is 11 hours (or time zones) behind Paris.

  • Ireland won its first Olympic medal in the painting competition. There are 14 nations that border China and Russia.

  • You almost forget that many nations border China and Russia because of how big both of those countries are.

  • Bolivia is the most equal nation in the world, and Rwanda has the highest proportion of female MPs.

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FYI, several other territories and unrecognized nations are well on their way to becoming independent themselves, including the Pacific island of Bougainville, which decided in 2021 to secede from Papua New Guinea by 2027.

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