Larsa Pippen reveals why she deleted a provocative bikini photo

Larsa Pippen’s bikini photo went viral, but she disappeared from her Instagram. However, not because of the reaction of her fans, but because of her dear father. On January 10, the reality star dropped a bombshell on Instagram with a sizzling bikini photo. Wearing a sleek black string bikini, she effortlessly took over the beach chair, exuding grace and confidence. The caption “Sunshine on my mind” perfectly sums up the carefree vibes of the moment.

However, it seems that Larsa’s father considered the much-discussed photo too provocative. “My dad texted me yesterday and said, ‘You posted a photo and I think you should take it down,'” Larsa Pippen recently said. People of the bikini mistake. “And when my dad texts me things like that, I listen to it!”

While Pippen’s followers showered her with praise for the photo, some critics couldn’t resist unleashing their disapproval. This prompted her father to intervene and make her request. “I think my father found out about everything that was being published,” Pippen continued. “My family is very traditional and old school; I’m the one who always goes the extra mile with them, you know? So when he texted me that, I just deleted it.”

The viral bikini image is not the first time that Larsa Pippen’s father expresses his disapproval

Aside from the bikini photo, Larsa Pippen’s father has also expressed his opinion on some of her exciting past endeavors. The Miami-based mother revealed that in 2022 she faced criticism from her family over her decision to create an Onlyfans account.

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“They are not always happy with me. They are very conservative. They like to live in a very low profile, they don’t like all the fuss,” Larsa admitted. People.“I feel like, for me, that’s all I’ve ever known. So I’m very comfortable with the madness and they’re not.”

Pippen added: “I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t do too much because I feel like my actions affect them. But I also have to live my life, you know?

Of course, sometimes Larsa Pippen’s antics slightly humiliate her three children she shares with former NBA star Scotty Pippen. However, she says they ultimately have her back.

“They may feel a little embarrassed by the things their mother does from time to time, but we are a very supportive family,” Pippen explains. “I tell my kids, ‘You’re not going to have this opportunity in life. “You have to take advantage of life’s opportunities because you never know when they won’t be there.” And sometimes they need to be reminded of that, but in the end they understand it.”

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