Kya hota two antar in Supermarket and Hypermarket, know

Currently, the traditional methods of performing different types of work have changed in the modern era. आसी में शाली , जिसो समाय That’s what I did. अब लोग बाजारों He did. However, so did he and he. I did that. However, what is the difference between these two, read this article to know.

super distance and super market

super distance and super market

Nowadays, in modern times, everything is still the same. With this, the traditional methods for performing different types of work have also changed. आसी में शाली , जिसो समाय That’s what I did. अब लोग बाजारों He did. However, there are still some people who buy supermarkets and hypermarkets. So I did the same. He did it with him. However, many people are in between the two. no. Read this article to know.


सुपरमार्केट एक होती है है, जह ां ां व िभिन्न डिपार्टमेंट डिपार्टमेंट के के तहत का का सामान सकते सकते ।।।। ।।।। ।।।। In this supermarket, different types of shopping styles are used whereby you can buy different goods that you need for your home with the help of a shopping cart. सुपरमार्केट में ग्राहकों लुभाने के के लिए समय पर पर सेल और डिस्काउंट डिस्काउंट भी रहते ते ते रहते जि ससे ससे ससे अधिक सुपरमार्केट ीदद कर कर कर ।।।। ।।।। ।।।। ।।।। , That’s why it’s easy to see that customers are waiting for news.



हिप्रमार्केट एक He did it. அக்கை அக்கை அக்கு For example: living room, spa, coffee shop, restaurant, electronic store and other grocery store. The purpose of hypermarket is to provide convenience to customers in one place, so that customers can enjoy shopping in one place. குக்கு சிர்பிர்க்குட்டு மைய்பு மான ்

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The main difference between supermarket and hypermarket

-Supermarket अक ही चाट He did it. At the same time, the Hypermarket is available under the roof of the house with the necessary goods for the home, living room, spa, electronics and other stores.

– Supermarkets are few, and hypermarkets are many.

-Supermarkets offer discounts and discounts on some products, while hypermarkets offer a variety of products with discounts and discounts.

-Supermarket குற்று சுக்க்கு में I said. Hypermarkets have more staff to deal with customers who respond to customers’ needs.

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