Krysten Ritter Reunites with ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast and More at Celebrity Poker Tournament

Breaking Bad Stars Bryan Cranston and Bob Odenkirk were two of the many cast members in attendance.

In a recent Instagram post, the stars of the hit AMC television series Breaking Bad gathered for a classic game of poker – celebrity style.

The reunion comes 14 years after the show suffered arguably its most tragic character death.

Breaking Bad/AMC

In the series written by Vince Gilligan, the crime drama tells the story of a father and a husband who ends up becoming a narcotics distributor in New Mexico. More than a handful of characters over the course of the show’s five seasons have died in various ways, but the death of Krysten Ritter’s character is one that fans never quite seemed to get over.

We won’t spoil it for anyone who somehow hasn’t seen it yet. Hint Hint!

Now, 14 years later, Ritter shared some touching photos of the Breaking Bad mini reunion that left fans excited in the comments. Bob Odenkirk, who played unethical lawyer Saul Goodman, was also captured in the series of photos from the event.

Taken during Cranston’s recent charity poker event, which was intended to raise funds for the Entertainment Community Fund, the images starkly contrast the on-screen animosity between Walt and Jane. In reality, the photos show a genuine sense of warmth and friendship between the two actors.

In a similar story, the Modern Family The cast got together for a reunion and star actress Sofia Vergara shared some sweet pictures for all the fans to see.


In the snaps, Vergara smiles alongside her co-stars Jesse Tyler, Justin Mikita and Julie Bowen. Adding a touch of glamour, some photos show Tyler, Mikita and Bowen in striking poses in Vergara’s luxurious closet, offering fans a glimpse at her impressive collection of fashion outfits.

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One Instagram user wrote: “I’m so glad the cast is around. The best show fr.”

We could not agree more!

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