Kourtney Kardashian receives ransom note after Lemme truck and $4 million worth of goods stolen

Facing a terrifying situation, Kourtney Kardashian receives a ransom note left after her Lemme van and $4 million in merchandise were stolen last weekend.

According to TMZ, the truck was at a San Fernando Valley facility that Kardashian uses to ship products from her Lemme brand. The vehicle reportedly had $4 million worth of Lemme Burn, which is considered one of the brand’s best-selling products.

The incident occurred after an individual allegedly hacked into the facility’s system and was able to enter the property with falsified documentation and identification. They were able to leave the property in the vehicle without any problems.

A source told the media outlet that a ransom note was sent to the Lemme group. The sender demanded payment in exchange for all Kourtney Kardashian products. One of Lemme’s representatives shared more details about the situation with TMZ.

“Our team is working closely with law enforcement to investigate the theft. In the meantime, we are implementing contingency plans to minimize any impact on our customers and retail partners.”

Kourtney Kardashian released Leave Me after feeling ‘pressure’ from her family

During a June 2023 episode of the kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian revealed the real reason for her decision to launch the Lemme brand. The brand features all-natural (CBD-free) edible supplements.

“I’m a really authentic person and I can’t force anything,” Kourtney explained, according to PEOPLE. “I think there was pressure from Kim and my mom like, ‘What’s your thing? What is your business?”

Kourtney Kardashian said it too WSJ Magazine which Lemme had launched in September 2022 after researching for more than five years. “My process [with a new product] It is taking it to my natural doctor and he would do a muscle test with it,” he said. “I would hold the product in my hand and he would see how it reacted on my body.”

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“Some things work well, but most of the time they didn’t work out well for me. I found it very interesting when he said, ‘Oh, it’s because they use corn or corn syrup or it’s genetically modified.'”

Lemme products include Lemme Chill, Lemme Focus and Lemme Matcha. “Matcha is probably my favorite gummy,” Kardashian continued. “She has B12, [so] It’s not like the nervous energy of caffeine.”

“Matcha is naturally caffeinated, so it’s not caffeine-free, but it does have a hint of caffeine. B12 and coenzyme Q10 give you that sustained energy. I am really passionate about ingredients and combinations.”

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