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If you are looking for a game about kingdoms and armies, then Kingdom Clash is a good choice right now. Become the commander of the Royal Legion. fought in any battle during his reign. Conquer all lands to prove your tactical skills. Acquire different civilizations and build a powerful army. The battle in the kingdom clash transcends the boundaries of the ages. Here, war between any power can happen. No battle is easy; Only smart people have the right to decide the outcome of the match.

War in Kingdom Clash simulates many famous battles in history. Along with some changes to the strategy in the game more diverse. You will always be the Supreme Commander of the Empire. Your mission is to conquer many lands in the world. Expand your territory and defeat many other countries. Each battle has its own distinct locations and forces due to the need to deploy troops and attack effectively. Arrange and divide the battlefields to bring the most effective victory.

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Because it is a war simulation game, all the past civilizations will appear one after another. There is even an additional force known as the Demon Lord. Waking up from a long slumber, he now hatches a plot to use his powers to conquer the world. As a rising empire, we cannot allow this to happen. Assemble the entire military system throughout the territory. Get ready to join the most important war of all time. Your orders will determine the speed of victory. You must combine many civilizations to create the most powerful army.

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clash of kingdoms mod apk

summon the hero general

A mighty army cannot be without a supreme commander. You are the commander-in-chief of the entire war. But controlling large numbers of small armies is difficult. So what is the solution to this problem? That is to call the generals from many other eras. The summoning system will give you a champion of a specific civilization. They will also bring you the typical army of that civilization. Rely on numerical superiority for effective coordination. Just successfully fought. It’s interesting to be able to integrate forces from different generations.

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Maximum capacity upgrade

Each general plays a unique role in their army, from cavalrymen, knights, archers to bombers. The armies fighting under their command also played a similar role. Their effectiveness is promoted, not designed. For example, cavalry and knights will have more endurance and more effective hand-to-hand combat. The archers should be positioned behind the formation and shoot arrows continuously at the enemy. The bombers will create a big hole in the enemy formation. Use money and equipment to continuously upgrade and strengthen your soldiers. You also have to combine many pieces in each given war to not lose.

Clash of Kingdoms Mod Free

Occupy the ideal place

The main goal of each commander is to conquer many lands in the world. From the desert, the jungle, the frozen ground. Everywhere is an ideal area for us to develop civilization there. It is also a direct challenge with many enemies. They also have a plot to occupy the land before you. Their army was nothing short of a mighty empire. Each battle becomes more fierce as the kingdom becomes more involved. The battlefield has terrain that doesn’t match any other. Show your enemies what you can do to defeat them with your brain.

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Clash of Kingdoms Free

Conflicts between kingdoms have occurred many times in human history. Those battles were very complex and many new strategies were created. This was a solid inspiration for the creation of Kingdom Clash. An opportunity for gamers to show leadership. Fight with a mighty army. Combine the abilities of civilizations to create special new powers. The Kingdom Clash mod is an experience that is hard to miss, learning about the history and characteristics of generations gone by.

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