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Fight in dungeons and be the one to decide the fate of Dungeon King Dungeons. Beneath the earth always tells people about mysterious and inexplicable things. They even thought it was a world of invisible monsters. But no one dares to go into a strange place like underground to explore. However, there are still people who are brave enough to go ahead and do the work. They know that there is an evil sky underground, and they must eliminate the danger. Become a hero and embark on a journey across the earth to explore dungeons.

The underworld is a world full of ferocious monsters until now. They have created an ideal environment for criminals to thrive and gradually take over the underworld. Their goal is to accumulate enough power, wait for the opportunity to advance and destroy the world. But the heroes, knowing the plots of the monsters, will not let them carry out their plans. They reached the dungeon and went inside with powerful combat weapons. Resolve will help the heroes face all the dangers inside the prison. Find the dark forces of the Earth and defeat the most dangerous monsters.

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When you decide to go underground, you will have the opportunity to gain the power of a hero. The world below is said to be the birthplace of many monsters and no one dares to enter it. It is said that only fools venture underground. But you know that’s the goal of all those with heroic powers. Since that is the source of evil, they can appear and destroy the human world. Only by stopping them can the world be safe and continue to thrive. Continuing the tradition of heroes, do your best to conquer the dungeon.

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Monsters have always represented the cruelty and cruelty of this world. Everyone knows their terrible power, and they hate the light. However, no one knows where the monster was born and raised. But thanks to the hero’s help, the world is still at peace. Only they knew the monsters that were always lurking in the dungeons. So they were still born continuously, accumulating power for the plan to conquer the world. The enemies of humanity are conspiring darkly, and you must stop the monsters.

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Hero of the world

Humans recognize these evil creatures and call them monsters invading the world. But they didn’t know where the monster was born. Despite the monsters that randomly appeared in the world, human life went on. Before the monsters could commit crimes, the heroes themselves appeared and destroyed them. They are the guardians of mankind and they know that the origin of monsters is underground. Now that they have a plot, the hero must take the initiative. Become a hero in the human world, silently entering the dungeon to defeat the cruel monsters.

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Heroes risk their lives against monsters. They know their origin is underground, so they always go underground. The war between heroes is constantly happening and you will continue this fighting journey. You inherit the power and knowledge of the heroes and step by step purify the dungeon. Only in this way new monsters will not continue to spawn and you can protect the world. The dungeon door is also your way of survival; Try to show your hero skills. Use the hero’s power to master the dungeon by slaying its monsters.

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The war between humans and monsters continues, and the representative is you. The one who grasps the secret of the demon’s origin is a hero. And they are still silently destroying the monsters, so that mankind can find peace again. The opportunity to purify the dungeon has finally appeared, and this task is entrusted to you. The monster dungeon is where you enter as a hero of the human world. Only absolute strength will help you persevere to destroy monsters and protect humanity. Download Dungeon King to go underground and clear the dungeon of monsters.

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