King Felipe of Spain has a sweet moment with Queen Letizia during his visit to Pamplona

King Felipe received help from his wife, Queen Letizia, during his official visit to Pamplona on Friday afternoon (September 8).

The Spanish royalty visited the emblematic city on the occasion of the Commemoration of the VI Centenary of the Privilege of La Unión event that celebrated the union of the three main towns that united in Pamplona in 1423.

Before her visit inside the cathedral of Santa María la Real to visit the mausoleum of Carlos III and Leonor de Trastámara, Letizia put on her red scarf, which marked the occasion, and then turned to Felipe to help her put on yours.

It is not unusual for both of them that Felipe and Letizia have been photographed before making small public displays of affection like this.

Recently, King Felipe revealed what his true net worth was when the Spanish government implemented a new law.

FYI: Queen Letizia wore a sphere dress for the event, with Carolina Herrera heels.

Head to the gallery to see more than 20 photos of King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s sweet moment in Pamplona…

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