Kiki’s Delivery Service’s Saddest Moment Never Happened in the Book

The saddest moments in famous Studio Ghibli movies Kiki’s Delivery Service That never actually happens in its source documentation. Kiki’s Delivery Service Arguably one of director Hayao Miyazaki’s most famous films. While it may not be the first choice of most fans, the story that revolves around a young witch who gains independence and becomes famous is a gripping coming-of-age story. The characters in the movie only exacerbate this. Kiki is a lovable protagonist with a go-getter attitude and dedication to his craft. At the same time, her cat Jiji also won the hearts of many movie fans because of her cuteness. The two are almost inseparable throughout the film…that is, until things go awry for the young witch.

Halfway through the movie, Gigi begins to lose her powers. The stress of the delivery job constantly haunts her, which eventually affects her ability to fly. This caused her to shut down her business until she regained power, but it only exacerbated her depression. Worse is what happened between her and Gigi. For most of the film’s length, Kiki and Jiji are inseparable and have the ability to talk to each other. Now, both have lost that connection. Kiki no longer understands him as he spends more and more time with a local white cat. It was a sad moment, as it was the ultimate symbol of Kiki’s connection to witchcraft. However, the surprising fact is that this never happened in the story’s source material.

In Eiko Kadono’s original novel, Kiki never loses his powers. The book really follows the young witch as she spends a year in her new town as she goes through various missteps to learn more about her independence. There were certainly times when she started doubting herself, but never to the point where she couldn’t fly or talk to Gigi anymore. This moment, and the hot air balloon crash that was the catalyst that made Kiki able to fly again, is a new direction for director Hayao Miyazaki in exploring different themes while keeping the spirit of the original. work.

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Miyazaki’s Kiki change was inspired by a brief moment in the first chapter

Although relevant throughout the second half Kiki’s Delivery Service Unlike the original book, this story didn’t come out of nowhere. In the first chapter of the story, Kadono writes that Kiki will sink into the sky whenever she is distracted. Her family needs to hang a bell on the tree to let them know Kiki is distracted. This suits the movie, as the stress of her delivery job may be the cause of Kiki’s loss of her powers. Kadono also explains why she can no longer talk to Jiji in the movie. At the end of the first chapter, she says that as a young witch learns to be independent, the two eventually separate as each finds new companions. The movie shows this happening when Kiki can no longer talk to Jiji while she finds a partner with the white cat by her side.

Though one of the film’s most dramatic moments never made it to the books, Kiki’s blackout remains one of its best. Kiki’s Delivery Service The ultimate life lesson. Kiki’s Delivery Service Will always be one of Studio Ghibli’s best films, no matter how it differs from the novels, but the book itself is still a fascinating read, giving the reader a deeper understanding of the character’s resolve main.

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